Join The Celebration Across the Universe

EVE is 10 this May and we're excited to invite everyone to a festival of celebration. Like us on Facebook to spread the word, and work towards achieving gift and firework unlocks. Join the party in New Eden on May 5th with our in-game events: details in the Celebrating Ten Years of EVE Online dev blog.

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Unlocked Fireworks Per Hour

EVE is 10 unlock gifts and firework packages will be made available in the EVE Online redeeming system on May 5th, starting after downtime. Firework packages will be delivered each hour afterwards, on the hour, in sizes determined by the unlock progress achieved by then – ie. 20 units, 40 units, etc.

The EVE is 10 unlock gifts are digital, in-game items. The items are: (1) a Festival Launcher for use with your fireworks; (2) a Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 implant; (3) male and female Red Star t-shirts for your avatars; (4) a Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 implant; (5) a Sarum Magnate frigate.