The EVE expansions


EVE Online is host to the largest virtual universe in the world, and is the fastest-growing Massively Multi-Player Online Game (MMPOG) of the genre. Set tens of thousands of years in the future, EVE Online is a breathtaking journey to the stars, to an immersive experience filled with adventure, riches, danger, and glory. Explore what the Universe has to offer.

Since the game's release on May 6, 2003, EVE has been regularly updated, enhanced and expanded with new content in 20 FREE expansions. Our past expansions are listed below, visit the Rubicon feature pages to find out about our 20th expansion.


Retribution  Retribution  Inferno

Crucible   Incarna  Incursion

Tyrannis   Dominion 

Quantum Rise   Empyrean Age  Trinity

Revelations II Revelations  Red Moon Rising

Cold War Exodus  Castor

Second Genesis