The EVE expansions

Crucible - 29 Nov 2011

Within EVE’s eternal crucible of warfare, politics and industry, even the most passionate and skilled are tested. EVE Online: CRUCIBLE pumps the bellows, turning up the heat on the space combat experience in EVE Online. In the factional shipyards, new ships have been forged to expand the reach of war and evolve the tactics of space engagement while existing vessels have been reimagined, bringing greater balance and diversity to large and small scale conflicts.

This winter, CRUCIBLE evolves the graphics, interface and game mechanics with dozens of updated and improved features based on feedback and challenges put forth by its players.

This is EVE re-forged.


Crucible 1.0 Features - 29 Nov 2011:

New Tier 3 Battlecruisers

Four new ships, forged from artwork created by our fans, introduce a powerful new rank to the battlecruiser class of starships. Pilots interested in heavier firepower without the expense of upgrading to battleship-class vessels will find the Tier 3 Battlecruisers a more than enjoyable option.

More info: Ship-troduction: The Minmatar Tornado, Ship-troduction: The Gallente Talos, Ship-troduction: The Amarr Oracle, Ship-troduction: The Caldari Naga

New Nebulae

First mentioned at Fanfest 2011, these incredibly rendered nebulae have now arrived, engulfing players in an immersive sense of scale and location. Inspired by real world imagery and painstakingly rendered using state of the art hardware and software, the new nebulae will be visible across all 7,000+ star systems of the EVE Online Universe.

Fanfest 2011 - New Nebulae:

More info: Introducing New Nebulae into EVE

Time Dilation

Warring alliances in EVE often perform the extraordinary feat of amassing fleets of several hundred pilots at the same time for massive 200-1,000 ship battles. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions. Time Dilation reduces the performance impact of such massive engagements, allowing for less laggy and more responsive combat environment.

More info: Introducing Time Dilation (TiDi), Time Dilations Demo Video

V3 - A Graphical Upgrade

The V3 Project is the latest step forward in shader and texture quality for the ships of EVE Online, delivering crisper detailing and finer quality to the already amazing-looking starships of New Eden.

Full Portrait Viewer

Witness the corporeal glory of your fellow pilot and their brave senses of fashion through the simple click of the Show Info option.

More info: Dedicated Follow of Fashion

Engine Trails

Players will once again be able to leave 'space tracks' as engine trails have returned to EVE Online. Exhaust never looked so good!

New Station-themed Captain’s Quarters

Interior decorators have been contracted by Amarr, Caldari and Gallente station managers to create more faction-appropriate environments. New Captain's Quarters now match the style of the station you are docked in.

More info: Introducing Racial Captain's Quarters

Customs Offices

Player owned Customs Offices will be introduced to Planetary Interaction. This new feature allows players to make planetary taxation a profitable business. In order to become a proud owner of a Customs Office you need to erect a Customs Office structure in orbit of a planet. Full details can be found in the blog Player Owned Customs Offices and Player Owned Customs Offices: An update by CCP Omen.

More info: Player-Owned Customs Office, Player-Owned Customs Office: An Update!

New Tech 2 Modules

Over a dozen new Tech 2 modules and their associated blueprints have been forged for your use and abuse in the EVE universe.

More info: Pinch Yourself: More Bosses, More Modules, More Loot, Less Lurking, Less Scraps, Less Pop-up Bother

Hybrid Weapon Balancing

Changes to a wide range of turrets, ships and ammo have brought the blasters back into a favorable light.

More info: Hybrid Weapon and Tech II Ammo Balancing

Logistics Ship Balancing

Logistic ship stat changes made to bring these ships in line with other Tech 2 cruisers.

Rebalanced Destroyers

Your oversized Noctis will be commanding a bit more respect from now on.

Anomalies Revisited

Anomalies have been rebalanced to yield more ISK than before.

Increased Player Ship Salvage

One more awesome reason to blow other people up.

Bigger Bandwidth (Planetary Interaction)

Planetary colonists can now enjoy a more rapacious plunderage of planetary resources.

Magnometric Sites

More salvage and a wider range of loot make Mag sites more lucrative discoveries.

Loot All option

A faster, more expedient way to swipe the spoils of war.

Log Off Timer Change

Logging off to escape destruction has become harder to do.

Ship Spinning and Graphics Tweaking

A classic station feature returns! Players will now be able to board/exit their ships to switch between Ship Mode and Captain's Mode. In addition to the introduction of Ship Mode, several graphical upgrades and visual enhancements have been made to enhance the looks and lighting of all four faction environments.

More info: Fixing Some Things and Moving Forward

Starbase Management

Multiple improvements to make starbase life a bit easier.

More info: Starbase Happy Fun Time

Per-Ship Orbit

Orbit distances will now be stored based on ship types. Pilots who regularly bounce between frigates and battleships will find this a welcome change.

Autopan on Hover Removed

Accidentally hovering over a target no longer causes the camera to automatically pan over to it.

More Relevant Info on Skills

Pilots can now see at a glance what skill group their selected skill is in, as well as if the skill book has been learned already and if it is currently being trained.

Remote Unrent Office

No need to fly to a station to tell your landlord you're leaving. Flip him the bird from a galaxy away.

Fitting List Limit Raised

Store up to 100 personal ship fitting configurations and up to 200 in corporation lists.

Implants in KillMails

Revel in how much more you dented their wallet with that last pod volley.

More info: My Brain was Equipped With the Following Implants

Blueprint type in Killmails

Players can now see whether a blueprint was an original or copy in killmails.

Corporation Locations (Bookmarks)

Share bookmarks with your corporation so that corp mates can see and use them. The location folder has also been moved server side to prevent accidental deletion or loss due to caching issues.

More info: Corp Locations > Bookmarks in Cans

EVE Sans Neue Font Brings Clarity to Chat

Readability of text in chat windows and context menus has been improved with the introduction of EVE Sans Neue, EVE Online's new font. 6G& now clearly reads as gibberish instead of the Mark of Satan.

More info: News from the Fontlines

UI Scaling

HUD elements and information panels are now scalable, allowing users to customize the size of the UI for maximum readability.

More info: Size Matters - Scaling the UI

Ship Spinning Counter

For those who have ever asked "How many times have I twirled this Raven today?" Well, now you'll know.

Friends Let Friends Use Jumpbridges

Players in good standings with the owner of a jumpbridge can now pass through without needed to enter the password.

Rubber Band Selection

Click and drag to select multiple items in inventory containers.

Neocom Blink Toggle

You can now pull the plug on Neocom notifications.

Container Filter for Assets

Easily track down inventory you've squirreled away in great big storage units all around the universe.

Market Links in 'Show Info' Window

The information window for all items will feature either a 'View Market Details' or 'Find in Contracts' button.

Skill Queue Dragging

The length of time to complete Carriers 5 has not changed. We mean the other dragging. Players can now drag skills from their list directly to the queue to train them.

Chat MotD

Corp, Alliance and Fleet channels can now have a Message of the Day set.

Map Options Window Changes

Minimized map option windows will remain minimized the next time you open the map.

Mission Window Minimize

Mission runners can now minimize the pop-up dialogs in missions.

Ship Corp Hangars Stay Open

Docking and Undocking will no longer close out your corp hangar window.

Caps Lock Icon

Login password form now displays an icon to let the user know when capslock is on.

Market-to-Chat Dragging

Icons in the market can be dragged into a chat window to create a contextual link to that market item.

Scan Signature Filter

Cosmic signatures may now be filtered according to type, allowing explorers to easily sort Ladar, Gravimetric, Magnetometric, Radar and Unknown cosmic signatures in their system scanner results.

Corp Wallet Tool tip

You can now select a division which will display its balance as a tooltip when you hover over the wallet.

Skill Training Highlight

The skill currently training will be highlighted light blue, to make it easier to differentiate from the rest of the skill queue.

Jumpbridge UI enhancements

Anyone in an alliance can see all online, connected jump bridges belonging to their alliance, and the connections between them.

Improved Warp Tunnels

Traveling through space at warp speed gives one a unique view of things. Our new warp tunnel effects wrap you in a channel of speed, where you can gaze out at the distorted shapes of planets and the other trivialities you are racing by on your way to your next adventure.

Doomsday Device and Cyno Field Effects

The Doomsday Device for each faction has been revisited. Enjoy more efficient and more awe inspiring effects from these lovely beasts of devestation. Additionally, Cynosural Field effects for jumping in, jumping out and field beacons have been updated and replaced by new, more impressive effects.

Cap ship balancing

Engineers across New Eden are taking look at the role of capital ships in warfare, in hopes of inspiring more frequent explosions and less monolithic fleet tactics and composition.

More info: Cap Ship Balancing

New DED Complexes

We're filling in the gaps for DED Complexes, adding more bosses and more modules (some never before seen in-game) in the process.

More info: Pinch Yourself: More Bosses, More Modules, More Loot, Less Lurking, Less Scraps, Less Pop-up Bother

Drones try to return when hit warp

If you tell your ship to warp, deployed drones will automatically attempt to return to the drone bay before you take off instead of just watching you leave them behind.

More info: ...and Papercuts Were Had by All.

Improved Commands

There's a new "Jump" command similar to the "Dock" command, which will fly you to a gate, wormhole or acceleration gate and automatically jump through. Similarly, "Open Cargo", "Scoop to Drone Bay" and "Scoop to Cargo Bay" will now maneuver your ship in range and do that command.

More info: ...and Papercuts Were Had by All.

Reduction in session change timer

10 less seconds waiting to change your session means quicker reshipping amongst other things.

More info: Death to the Session-Change Timer

Stargates point towards correct place

In the interest of the Proper Science of Astral Cartography, all stargates in New Eden will now point correctly to their destinations, making some of them very freaking VERTICAL

More info: Asking For Directions

Bombs on UI, Other Turrets on UI

When using the tactical overlay, missile launcher ranges and bomb launcher explosion radii will show up in the same way as other turrets when you mouse over the modules, giving you the quick visual reference you need to better blow things up.

More info: ...and Papercuts Were Had by All.

Improvements to the Fitting Window

All ship computers have now been upgraded with the ability to compute a fitting's DPS (including turrets, drones and missiles) as a single sum using a mysterious celestial force called basic mathematics. Also, the CPU and Power Grid will now display remaining amount as opposed to used amount.

More info: Improvements to the Fitting Window

Crucible 1.1 Features - 24 Jan 2012:

New Neocom

Players can now move, rearrange and customize the NeoCom to fit your personal playstyle. Drag and drop UI elements to create groups and buttons that put your most wanted features at your fingertips.

More inf: New Neocom (Dec 2010), Remember the old new Neocom? (Jan 2012)

Reduction in Session Change Timer – Take Two

The timer on jumping, docking and switching ships has once again been reduced, bringing it to half the wait on session changes pre-Crucible.

More info: Death to the Session-Change Timer

Convenient Starbase Fuel Notifications

Fuel Notifications can now be checked using the in-game calendar, eliminating the need to sort through evemails to check important POS fueling dates.

Shift Click for Great Power

Push your modules to the limit faster and easier with direct shift-click overload toggling.

Interactive Friend Notification Portrait

Clicking the friend notification portraits when they appear now allow you to interact directly with that pilot.

Alliances enter the Factional Warfare arena

Individuals, corporations and now entire alliances can answer the call to arms for their chosen nation.

Tech 2 Module Tweaking

We've been monitoring the new modules introduced in Crucible and we've made a few changes based on usage data and community feedback. Affected modules include several warfare and mining link modules, Triage module and the recently added bomb launcher.

Chat Member List Portrait Toggle

Portraits can now be turned off in the channel list to allow more names of active members to fit in the window.

Assault Frigate Balancing

Tweaked, tested and ready for delivery, Assault Frigates have now been updated to bring them in line with the current state of ships and combat in EVE Online.

Drag and Drop Members in Fleet Watch lists

Drag and drop pilots names to rearrange and manage the members in your Fleet Watch list in realtime.

Fleet Watch list Member Increase

Players can now monitor and manage up to 15 members in their fleet watch list.

More Convenience to Corp Locations

Bookmark creation now allows pilots to specify where they want the bookmark placed.

Shield Bonus Fixes

Changes made to the management of shield bonuses now correct issues in how they were applied and displayed.

Blaster Ammunition: Null Gets a Boost

Range and falloff bonuses for all sizes of Null ammo have been improved to bring the stats more in line with Barrage and Scorch ammunition.

Mission Status in Station Agent Panel

Among the new features added to make agents and mission information more accessible, the Agents panel in stations now displays color-coded mission status information by each agent's name.

Skill Sheet Alphabetizationing

Your list of skills can now be filtered by name, making it easier to search for skills when the category is not known.

Capital Ship Tweaks: Diverting power from the shields, Captain

The CPU use of Capital Shield Transfer Arrays has been reduced, allowing more options for shield capital pilots.

More and Better: New Shield Modules Added

New treasures await deadspace adventurers, as powerful new invulnerability fields have been discovered among the wreckages.

Nomenclature Obfuscation Reduction

Modules will now adhere to clearer and more unified naming conventions. Details on the changes will be relayed in a forthcoming devblog.

POS FUEL BLOCK NOTICE: January 24th, 2012:

Player Owned Structures (POS) will stop using legacy fuel and will operate solely on the new fuel blocks starting January 24th, 2012.

Crucible 1.2 Features - 16 Feb 2012:

Client Side Optimization

Crucible 1.2 tackles client side "lag" by introducing a range of updates to complement Time Dilation (TiDi) in the pursuit of making all your epic wars just that much more epic to be in. Two of the more notable changes include:

  • Overview Optimization
    Performance and usability of the Overview get boosted, improving playability during large fleet fights and major battles.
  • Better Brackets for Big Battles
    Targeting brackets have been tweaked to minimize their impact on performance during large scale engagements.

Crucible 1.1 Features - 24 Jan 2012:

Flashy New Rookie Ships

No ship left behind in the ongoing effort to keep the look and tech of EVE's graphics up to date. New pilots and the freshly podded will find their rookie ships now sport some new textures and even a bit of redesign.

Science and Industry Panel Blueprint Sorting

Industrialists with stockpiles of blueprints can now find the one they need faster using the new search filter in the Science and Industry Panel.

Optimized Localization

Improvements have been made to increase performance and reduce memory usage of Cerberus, the new localization engine.

Fleet Watch List Additions

Following up the features added to the watch list in Crucible 1.1, we've built a few more functions to enhance usability and the current feature set.

  • Clear Watch List Button - Clear and close an entire watch list with one click.
  • Watch List Drag and Drop - Fleet members can be added to a watch list by dragging them to the window.
  • Visual Improvements - Appearance changes provide better visibility and usability of bars and other window elements.

DED Complexes Get Even More Love

Ratters and mission runners receive a wave of new DED content for Blood Raider, Sansha and Serpentis pirate factions. Over 50 sites have been added, bringing new challenges and an array of new high-end modules that are sure to please those lucky enough to procure them.

More Detail in Target Gauges

Hovering over the Structure, Armor and Shield bars of your targets will now reveal the percentage remaining, allowing pilots to better see how close their enemy is to glorious explosion time.

Team Avatar’s Interface Enhancement Pack

Storming forward with the mission to make 'hard' a battlecry for space combat and not the UI, Team Avatar brought a new level of ease-of-use and functionality to how players interact with and play the game. The patch notes for Crucible 1.5 have the full list of updates, but here are some of the highlights:

Character Creator:

  • Portrait snapshots now retain background, pose, and lighting settings, allowing you to switch between them without altering work you had previously done and saved.
  • Each of the four portraits can be triggered with the F1-F4 keys,
  • "Stand still!" Idle animation will now pause while you are sculpting your character.
  • An invalid name will indicate such prior to the player clicking to confirm their character instead of after.
  • The interface for tucking shirts, pants and shoes is now more visible.

HUD and Panels:

  • Personal assets are now sorted by most assets at the top
  • More information has been added to the Route tab in the Solar System window
  • Icons for the selected item now has a right-click dropdown of options

EVE Market:

  • Color coding of market orders allows you to see if the item is located along your current routec
  • Modify order window now has a button to show market details for the product in question
  • Drag and drop functionality has been added to the market Quickbar to support quickly adding modules and items from your inventory
  • Shift dragging blueprints into Quickbar allows you to dynamically add a shopping list for various industry jobs, such as manufacturing