The EVE expansions

Incarna - 21 June 2011

Incarna 1.0 Features - 21 Jun 2011:

Set Foot into Captain’s Quarters

Step out of your pod and into your own personal capsuleer suite, filled with the tools and toys that every pilot's pad should have.

  • Strategic Data Feeds - Sovereignty changes, incursion locations, bounties and pertinent up-to-the-minute data are only a touch of a screen away.
  • News Feeds - The latest information from Interstellar Correspondents and other major news sources scroll across your main viewscreen.
  • Agents at Your Fingertips -Career agent panels and an entirely new Agent Finder have been installed in all Captain's Quarters. Selecting missions has become a more convenient and more streamlined process.
  • Planetary Interaction Panel - One-touch convenient access and management of your planetary structures.
  • Walkway/Balcony - A majestic viewpoint of one of the most prized objects in the universe - your ship.

The Noble Exchange (NeX)

Luxury items, rarities and articles of distinction can be purchased through the Noble Exchange (NeX), a boutique for the discriminating capsuleer, available in each station. NeX items can be purchased directly using Aurum, a new unit of currency obtained by converting PLEX, or through the market from any capsuleer who has purchased them and put them up for resale to other players.

More info: Give me monocles or give me death!

Looking Good with Your Guns Out

New models and animations were created for most combat and industrial turrets currently in-game. Players can now preview turret animations by clicking their image in the Show Info window.

More info: Animated Turrets Video, Fanfest 2011 - New Turrets video

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

Browsing through your wardrobe and changing your appearance is a matter of simply stepping up to the mirror and clicking. Customization mirrors will be available in all Captain's Quarters.

ECM Changes for Better Battle

We've rebalanced the number of ECM NPCs in a wide range of missions, especially the lower tier missions, to make sure those ECM NPCs aren't getting out of hand.

Traffic Advisory: Jumpbridge Changes Ahead

We've limited jumpbridges to one per system. To make them easier to use and decrease the logistics burden, we've also increased their fuelbay to 30,000 m2.

Faction vs faction standings

Due to popular demand, we've re-introduced a standings tab for factions. You can now check your faction relations with the other factions from the Show Info window.

Performance Improvements

The ongoing initiative to optimize performance continues in Incarna, with multiple back end enhancements and fixes to improve user interface, gameplay and connection. Iteration on weapon grouping code, an updated channel retrieval system and refactoring of server-to-client fixes have all contributed to throttling up performance in the Incarna expansion.

Redone and Feature-filled New Player Experience

New players will embark on an improved tutorial mission designed to provide an epic and engaging experience. Aura, the classic voice of EVE Online's earlier tutorials, has returned to the new player experience! She's learned German and Russian as well.

Amarr’s Modern Maller Arrives

The Imperial Navy has redressed some of its cruiser-class ships, unveiling sleek new architecture and sophisticated detailing for the Maller, Sacrilege and Devoter.

Incarna 1.1 Features - 1 Sep 2011:

EVE Gate: Activity Notifications

Receive alerts of new messages, mail and EVE Gate content as it happens. Notification flags in the page header now display the number of new items that have arrived since your last check.

EVE Gate: Personalized Backgrounds

Tailor the look of EVE Gate to suit your tastes with seven new backgrounds representing the four playable races and several of the recent expansions to EVE Online.

API: Contract Information

Several pages full of Contract information have been added, offering a wealth of new data for third-party application developers.

More info: Contracts in the API

API: Customizable Keys

Improved keys and a new method of accessing the API have been published. Visit the API Key Management page for more information on how to update your sites and applications.

Incarna 1.1 Features - 5 Sep 2011:

New Official EVE Forums

The new forums return with tighter security, more features and new improved options such as thread tagging, advanced search filters and one-click EVE Gate profile access. For your convenience, the old forums will be archived in read-only mode so that you can still reference past threads and discussions after the switch.

Incarna 1.1.2 Features - 18 Oct 2011:

Ship Spinning and Graphics Tweaking

A classic station feature returns! Players will now be able to board/exit their ships to switch between Ship Mode and Captain's Mode. In addition to the introduction of Ship Mode, several graphical upgrades and visual enhancements have been made to enhance the looks and lighting of all four faction environments.

More info: Fixing Some Things and Moving Forward