Atmospheric Audio

Atmosphere and awareness take center stage in the immersive audio updates introduced in Retribution. The sound effects and music of EVE Online have taken a leap forward in technology, providing a more engaging experience from idling at a planet to fighting in battle.

Procedural Soundscapes

The music of EVE Online is now more diverse, as procedural soundscapes have been created for the three major security divisions of space. The new music is also dynamically generated, and recent events in the system will affect sound composition, resulting in darker themes for more dangerous areas. With 20 base tracks and 500 arrangements, the music of EVE can now better create the proper atmosphere for each system and circumstance.

Original EVE Soundtrack on Soundcloud

To pave the way for this new technology and to bring more of the code of EVE up to date, the jukebox feature has been removed from the game. This does not mean your favorite tracks are gone forever, as we are proud to announce that we have posted the pre-Retribution EVE soundtrack to Soundcloud so that fans may download them:

Notification Sounds

Who doesn‘t like hearing a gratifying sound after completing a difficult or lengthy task? Now a short sound will play after your skill training completed notification, and a new sound will also play when you finish a mission. Additionally, we've added an alert to trigger when your capacitor drops to 30% because low cap can often sneak up quickly on you and a heads up never hurt anyone.

Environmental Sounds

Several environmental sounds have been updated and added to maintain mood and add variety.

  • Class/race-based ship sounds will play when idling in space

  • New sounds can now be heard during Planetary Interaction and when near planets.

  • Slight variations to the Stargate sounds have been added for more variety during long hauls

New Turret Effects

To complement the new turrets added last year, the sound effects for turrets have been updated and optimized, tweaking proximity-based sound effects to provide higher quality sounds at different ranges.

For more information on the new audio in Retribution, click here.