Corporation Search Tools

Ask any player what you can do to maximize your enjoyment of EVE Online and the most common answer you will receive is “Find a corporation that fits your playstyle and join it.” With so many different paths to pursue in EVE, that may seem like a tall order, but the new recruitment search features introduced in Retribution makes it easy to connect with like-minded players that are online when you are.

Corp Icon

Open the Corporation panel and click the Recruitment tab. The Recruitment section will appear with two additional tabs, Search and My Applications.

Searching for the perfect match

The Search tab has two columns. On the left is a set of choices that you can use to filter your search and on the right is a list of the matching corporations that are currently recruiting. As you update your choices on the left, new search results will appear on the right.

  • Looking for lets you choose from a wide range of gameplay options

  • Area of Operations offers a list of the four main divisions of space: High Sec, Low Sec, 0.0 Sec and Wormhole Space.

  • Languages lets you select corps that speak the tonuge you are most comfortable with

  • Playtime (EVE Time) allows you to select the window of time (GMT) that you most commonly play.

  • Size of Corporation gives you the ability to refine your search to anything from small corps to mega corps and everything in between.

  • Exclude Corporations in Alliances is a checkbox to toggle exactly what the name states.

Filter options

Sorting through your suitors

As you refine your search, the column on the right updates the list of matching corporations. The results are listed with the ones that match best at the top. The corporation information, from left to right, is the corporation icon, alliance icon (if any), Corporation name, brief message, filter match percentage.

Clicking on any given corp will display further details, their personal recruitment ad, and the names and online status of their recruiters. When you find a corporation that you like, hover your cursor over the entry and click the Apply button that appears under the match percentage. A new window will pop up where you can enter a personal message to include in your application. Enter your message and click Apply.

Corp Info

More than one application can be sent at a time, and you can follow the status of your applications using the second tab of the panel, My Applications. When a corporation accepts your application, you receive confirmation of the acceptance with a request to join. You are not a member of the corp until you click joinin the request. This allows players to keep their options open when they are waiting for responses to multiple applications.

The Corporation Recruitment tools makes finding a corporation that fits your playstyle an easy and enjoyable experience.

Tools for the recruiters

Corporation recruitment tools get a shot in the arm, too, as recruiters now have filters to sort the applications they have received. Another new feature, Welcome mails, lets lets recruiters customize a message that will automatically be sent to all applicants that accept an invitation to the corp.

Recruit Panel

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