EVE Online offers freedom of choice. Choose to protect. Choose to build. Choose to destroy. Choose to subjugate others. Crimewatch makes these choices more meaningful by providing consequences. Crimewatch increases the visibility of the choices a pilot has made, so that others can choose to act or react accordingly.

Freedom of choice is not limited by Crimewatch, freedom from consequence is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm a law-abiding capsuleer that watches local and regularly checks the system for bandits and miscreants as I go about my business in space. How does Crimewatch help me keep safe?

A: While it is often difficult to discern a capsuleer's motives, Crimewatch improves your ability to make an educated assessment. Crimewatch also increases visibility on what actions you can choose to take in the encounter. This is accomplished through a variety of flags seen when viewing a capsuleer.

Weapons  - A pilot with this flag has recently used offensive modules against another pilot. The pilot will not be able to jump, dock or switch ships while this flag is active.

PVP – This pilot has recently attacked or been attacked by another pilot. If a pilot logs off while this flag is active, their ship will remain in space until the timer expires.

NPC – This pilot has used offensive modules against an NPC. If a pilot logs off while this flag is active, their ship will remain in space until the timer expires.


Legality – This pilot has recently committed criminal or suspicious acts in Empire space. This flag has two states – SUSPECT (yellow) and CRIMNAL (red).  The state is dependent on the severity of their actions and whether or not the actions were committed in Empire space. CONCORD will take action against pilots flagged as criminals in their space, but anyone with either state flagged is freely attackable by other capsuleers.

Q: I'm often totally oblivious to my surroundings. Will Crimewatch help me, too?

A: CONCORD wishes you the best in your endeavors.

Q: My corporation's acquisition specialists are concerned they will be out of a job once these Crimewatch changes go into effect. What is CONCORD doing to prevent massive layoffs in the private sector of wealth redistribution?

A: CONCORD acknowledges the free enterprise of the capsuleers and respects their acceptance of the risks and consequences related to their chosen careers. To that end, the primary aim of Crimewatch is to provide clearer information to those seeking it. CONCORD's goal is to reduce the level of creative abuse without adversely affecting the capsuleers' options for creative acquisition.

Q: Where can I find out more about Crimewatch?

A: CCP Masterplan has written a detailed overview in his dev blog, Introducing the New and Improved Crimewatch. Pilots wishing to discuss the feature with the community and developers can join the discussion thread on the EVE Online forums.