It is told that the duel was originally an affair of honor, whereby two mortals drew pistol or blade in the ultimate display of one's convictions, prepared for the possibility of the most dire of outcomes. Since then, the duel has become a far more civilized affair, taking the form of a challenging sport enjoyed by society's immortal elite, using intergalactic warships and the most advanced firepower the universe has to offer.

The one aspect of dueling that hasn't changed over the countless centuries is that it is imperative that the involved parties have full understanding of both rules and consequences prior to the engagement.

Issuing a Challenge

Duel Invitation

A challenge to a duel can only be issued to other pilots in the same location as the challenger. Both pilots must be in the same station together or in space together.

To invite a pilot to a duel:

  1. Right-click the name or portrait of the pilot you wish to challenge.

  2. Select “Invite to Duel” from the menu.

A duel invitation will be sent to the selected pilot.

The opponent has a 30-second window to accept or decline the challenge. If the opponent declines the challenge or if the window of time expires before the opponent responds, the request is dropped and nothing becomes of the affair.

If the opponent accepts the challenge, the duel is initiated and a five-minute limited engagement timer begins counting down.

Note: Although a pilot may have only one challenge request active at a time, it is possible for pilots to send successive duel requests in order to expand the limited engagement to include multiple pilots in the challenge.

Rules of Engagement

Participants have five minutes from acceptance of the duel to begin battle. As soon as a single volley is fired, the timer is reset and will remain paused as long as there is active combat. Each pause in the exchange of fire will restart the timer, and each shot fired with pause it once more.


A duel ends when exchange of fire ceases for more than five minutes, allowing the timer to run out, concluding the limited engagement period.

Ship destruction does not end the limited engagement, and players can therefore pod kill each other within the parameters of a duel.

Comments and Caveats

Historically, duels have been momentous occasions. As such, when a duel is accepted in space, all ships in the vicinity will receive notification of the event. Plan for an audience.

Duel Announcement

Challenges can only take place in High and Low security systems. Nullsec and unknown space beyond the wormholes exist outside the watchful eye of CONCORD, making the limited engagement system superfluous.

Always take the locals into consideration when issuing a duel. Crimewatch will exact justice on those who attempt to interfere in your duel, but it will not prevent them from interfering to begin with.

Dueling does not prevent, change or limit loss of any kind. The normal rules of combat, victory, and defeat still apply to combatants in a limited engagement conflict.

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