The EVE expansions

Incursion - 30 Nov 2010


Incursion 1.0 Features - 30 Nov 2010:

Council of Stellar Management (CSM)

Many suggestions and recommendations from the CSM have made their way into Incursion, including:

  • The meta level of items now display in item detail list views
  • Probes can now be toggled in the overview
  • Players with POS Gunner roles will now receive notifications about control towers when they are under attack
  • MWD and afterburner now have different icons
  • Corp deliveries can now be sorted according to distance in jumps and filtered by location (region)

Client Customization

New functionality has been introduced to the EVE client, making for a more enjoyable internet spaceship experience. Smooth things out with new total anti-aliasing options now available in the settings menu. Set your perfect view of the universe; the height and width of your windowed client can now be controlled with a simple drag of a border. Keyboard shortcut editing is now easier with a more intuitive and organized configuration screen.

More info: Cutting it Short: EVE Shortcuts Revamped

Ordnance Overhaul

Improved design puts rockets back in demand as new bonuses to velocity and damage increase their effectiveness against frigate-class ships. Tech 2 ammunition users will find penalties now reduced on several types of short range charges. The firepower of the Caldari Hawk was revisited as well, and it now packs a bigger per level punch when using kinetic damage missiles.

More info: Attention on Deck - Cool Stuff Happening in Incursion

Faction Ships Now Available on the Market

Rare frigates, cruisers and battleships have made their way to the open market. Players now have more choices in where they buy, sell and search for their favorite faction ships.

Fighter Bombers Take One for the Team

Participants in large fleet battles will see improvements in performance and stability as visual changes to fighter bomber missiles drastically reduce CPU load.

Agents Secure New Ways to Keep You Busy

Mission runners will find 40 new missions have been added to the system, including over 20 important Level 4 storyline adventures to embark on.

A New Lair for the TQ Beast

Server migration of the Tranquility (TQ) servers brings better network connectivity, fewer intermediary devices and increased capacity to EVE Online.

More info: TQ Level Up

Fleet Jumping Accelerated

Low layer changes improve jumping into heavy battles. Jumps now complete faster, resulting in less wait and more combat for all involved.

More info: Fixing Lag: Well, this one doesn't really

Module Performance Improvements

Combat pilots, especially in large fleet battles, will experience a more responsive system as a result of resource gains from module optimization.

More info: Fixing Lag: Picking Up Low hanging Fruit

Noctis, the Dedicated Salvager

Dock that old destroyer and strap into a Noctis, the brand new salvage monster from ORE. Featuring 5% bonus to Salvage and Tractor Beam cycle times, a roomy 8/2/3 module capacity and a time saving 60% increase in Tractor Beam range this is one workhorse every salvager is going to be looking to get their hands on. Blueprints and ships will both be available on the market at select stations.

The Thin Client is Born

Recently designed for internal testing and bug hunting, the thin Client has proven its worth on the battlefield by helping to pinpoint issues in congested and combat-heavy systems. Several of the bugs identified have already been tracked down and stomped out, creating noticeable improvement in high-traffic systems.

More info: Fixing Lag: And I, for one, welcome our new automation overlords, Fixing Lag: Module Lag - Why not all bug fixesare a good idea, Fixing Lag: Character Nodes

Upgraded Server Hardware

Recent tests of new HS22 Blade Server hardware allowed a record-breaking 2023 players to pack into Jita.

More info: Jita 2000+

Incursion 1.0.1 Features - 15 Jan 2011:

Farewell to the Learning Skills Group

The much pined-for removal of Learning Skills has arrived. All characters will receive a pool of unspent skill points based on the learning skills they have already trained.

2010 Holiday Ship: The CONCORD Echelon

Enjoy a specialized codebreaking frigate, courtesy of CONCORD. The locked down mysteries of explorations sites and COSMOS missions are no match for a capsuleer in an Echelon.

Incursion 1.1 Features - 18 Jan 2011:

Character Creation System – Re-invent Yourself

Take command of EVE Online's powerful new Carbon-based technology that allows you to sculpt and shape your entire character with unprecedented precision and detail. Create a new you with the new character creation system.

More info: Introducing our New Character Creator

Planetary Interaction Evolves

Planet-side engineers collaborated to construct a more efficient and flexible colony maintenance system. Planetary Interaction now sports a new interface, upgradable command centers and a greatly improved Extraction system.

More info: Planetary Interaction and the Future

EVE Gate Enhanced

Connect and communicate with the new features and functionality that Incursion brings to EVE Gate, including integrated contact labels, EVE Gate localization to Russian and German, a rich text editor, and public profiles.

New Sansha Pirate NPCs

To take on the capsuleers, Sansha's Nation trained a deadly new army. Don't let the new coat of paint on those Phantasms and Nightmares fool you - there's Sleeper AI and several other nasty surprises programmed into those beasts. Expect to encounter enemies with advanced ships and deadlier weapons, more defined roles, and unexpectedly clever tactics.

New Sansha Combat Ships

The Nation didn't just stop at paint and tactics. Prepare to be greeted by Supercarriers and Fighter-bombers among the Nation ranks. The Sanshas' new floating fortresses, purportedly known as "Revenant," are highly prized by the Nation, but rumors abound that their blueprints are not as closely guarded as one would expect.

EVE Gate gets EVE Voice beta

EVE Voice beta extends beyond the client and into your browser. EVE Gate now allows true voice communication with your in-game teammates even when you aren't in-game.

Environment System Effects

Sansha's Nation brings devastating constellation-affecting technology, crippling active modules and weapons in use. The stronger their forces, the stronger their ability to tilt the war in their favor. Defeat them and restore the balance.

CONCORD Sets Up Shop

The shelves are stocked and the doors have opened to CONCORD's new Loyalty Point Store, established to reward those pilots who rise up and repel the Sansha scourge.

NPC AI Gets an IQ Boost

Incursion injects more intelligence and more tactics into NPCs. Look forward to encountering smarter and craftier denizens.

Incursion 1.1.1 Features - 25 Jan 2011:


Sansha's Nation has set its sights on the capsuleers, posing the greatest NPC threat ever seen this side of wormhole space. Objective-based missions, Sleeper-like AI, new enemies, and constellation-wide consequences make the Sansha's Nation Incursions one of the most challenging and ominous threats capsuleers have faced to date.

Incursion 1.2 Features - 15 Feb 2011:

Remote Destruction of Jump Clones

Remote authorization has been added, allowing players to dispose of unwanted or unneeded jumpclones directly from the character sheet.

Improvements to Buying a New Clone

When buying a new clone, options with insufficient skillpoints will be grayed out as a warning.

Region and Security Status Displayed When Buying a Clone

When moving your active clone to another station, the list of possible destinations will contain the region and security status.

Sell/Buy Window Settings

The state of your sell window (normal/advanced) will persist (remember your last used setting) on a character basis.

Market Window Displays Outpost Information

Market orders in player-owned outposts will now display the system name as well as the station name on the order.

Asset Search by Distance

Your assets list can now be sorted by number of jumps so that you can easily view your proximity to locally stored assets.

Drag and Drop Into Closed Containers

You can now drag and drop items into closed containers without having to open them first.

Character Portrait Saves Return

Say "Cheese!" It is now again possible to capture portraits of characters in-game.

Improved Overview Settings

Priority modification in Overview settings now has drag and drop functionality.

Agent Removal Confirmation

To safeguard against accidental removal of needed agents, a new confirmation message has been added which pops up when players attempt to remove one.

Starmap Autopilot's Tab Now Easier to Adjust

The 'Autopilot' tab in the Starmap now has drag and drop functionality for sorting waypoints.

Clearing All Waypoints from Space

A new right-click menu item has been added to the route label in space, so it is now possible to clear all waypoints without opening the Starmap.

Incursion 1.3 Features - 8 Mar 2011:

Carbon Inventory

An integrated series of inventory optimizations.

Incursion 1.4 Features - 6 Apr 2011:

More Pirates, Shiny Treasures

New DED Complexes belonging to various pirate factions have been discovered, with returning capsuleers often proudly displaying never-before-seen modules obtainable exclusively from the most challenging foes in these complexes.

More Portraits, More Places

We're making player portraits available in the following windows - Trading, giving money, chat invites and objects in space. Hopefully you'll be able to see the portrait and go "yeah, this guy looks legit".

Auto Fleet Commander

When you create a fleet, you're made squad commander automatically, so you don't have to move roles around manually.

As a part of the "equal value space makes this game boring" initiative, we've changed the way anomalies work. The quality of anomalies will depend on the system's true security level (truesec) - the better the truesec, the better the spawns.

More info: Those Anomaly Changes in Full

Visible Nullsec Truesec

0.0 truesec will now be displayed in the same manner empire truesec is. We made this change since anyone with access to the internet (that means you) has access to that data through evemaps and other sources.

Strip FIttings From Inactive Ships

Since boarding a ship to strip it is too much work, we've added the ability to strip fittings from unpiloted ships.

NPC Electronic Warfare Updates

NPC jamming has been updated and streamlined. They should all work with the same functionality and you can fit countermeasures. In other news, jamming NPCs are still annoying.

Better Value Visibility

The input boxes in the industry window now has room for more digits, meaning small item manufacturing will actually allow you to see the entire number.

Extra Outpost Info Added

We've added the system name to outposts, so you know where you're buying from. This will hopefully prevent me from buying items in hostile stations while drunk.

More Default Overview Layouts

Players will start with more default overviews. Instead of having "default" and "mining, you'll now have "general", "pvp", "WarpTo", "loot", "mining", "drones" and "all". Hell yes.

Direct Bookmark Removal

Removing bookmarks can now be done from the right click menu in space. Having to go through people and places was a damn hassle and hopefully this will improve bookmark usability.

Better Fleet Boss Info Display

Instead of having a separate column in the fleet finder for the fleet boss standings, it's now a small standings box in the boss portrait, much like you're used to from chat channels.

Improved Mass Repackaging

Ever had 8000 items to repackage and one broken item which breaks everything? From now on, items that cannot be repackaged won't stop the entire repackaging operation.

High-resolution Pilot Portrait Display

Clicking the picture of another pilot will bring it up in a larger version. This feature is part cool, part creepy.

Loot Logging On by Default

Loot logging has been enabled by default. User statistics show that the majority of fleets have this on, so we decided to remove an annoying pop-up window. Your ability to be a jerk and steal from your friends still remains intact though.

Enhanced Waypoint Markers

When using the autopilot, your waypoints will be highlighted so you can see where on the route they are. This owns.

More Incursion Group Support

If you like Incursions and are seeking likeminded partners for long walks on the beach and shooting Sanshas, go ahead and join the "incursions" public channel, found in the channel folder.

Server-side Ship Fittings

Your personal ship fittings are going to be stored on the server, giving you the same functionality available to corp fittings. This means access to your personal fittings, regardless what computer you're using.

Extended Newbie Mission Durations

Newbie missions have 180 days expiration and you cannot lose standings for declining, quitting or timing out. If you decide to re-activate a trial, hopefully this puts you in a better position to come back to the game.

Incursion 1.5 Features - 19 May 2011:

Team BFF's Little Things Continue

Driven by player feedback and positive response to previous 'Little Things' improvements, Team Best Friends Forever delivers more of the community's requested changes and game updates.

Incursion 1.6 Features - 31 May 2011:

Carbon UI

The framework for building 3D user interface elements arrives, bringing the power to develop a cooler, more robust UI for EVE Online.