One Universe, Limitless Potential

EVE is a universe of unbounded opportunity

In EVE, a universe of unbounded opportunity awaits new capsuleers, whether they lust after wealth, crave the fight or simply yearn for adventure among the stars.

Starting as a new pilot in a training frigate, players can choose from hundreds of skills to train and develop. The choice of skills to train is entirely up to the player. There are no mutually-exclusive branches in a skill tree that is both wide and deep. Over time, a character can be honed into a specialist or adapted for many situations.

The world of EVE

  • Travel to any of 5,000 star systems
    linked by a stargate network
  • Explore the mysteries of
    2,500 more systems through
    shifting wormholes
  • Experience the unique vistas of each
    region of EVE
  • Make a home in the core empires or the lawless fringes

Spaceships in EVE


    Pick the ships you want to fly from hundreds of widely varying models.


    Each ship is highly customizable using modular equipment, rigs and subsystems.


    Acquire many different ships and store your collection in personal hangars across New Eden.

People & Personalities

  • Continuously develop your character with grind-free, time-based training
  • Join corporations run by players, or found your own
  • Be part of something bigger with sovereign alliances
  • Forge a reputation that matters in EVE's single-server environment

Politics & warfare

  • Dive into the politics of a player-driven universe
  • Join up with the empire militias in Factional Warfare
  • Help to build or destroy alliance domains in deep space
  • Fight the cybernetic terror and defeat Sansha's incursions

Playing EVE


    EVE is regularly updated, enhanced and expanded with new content. EVE expansions will always be FREE.


    Among many subscription options, EVE game time can be purchased using PLEX, which can be traded for the in-game ISK currency.


    EVE has one of the most 
    active player and
    developer communities
    in any MMO game.

Economy & industry

  • Speculate in a dynamic marketplace
    driven by player activity
  • Manufacture thousands of items,
    from ammunition to capital ships
  • Construct assembly arrays and
    factory outposts
  • Influence the direction of EVE Online
    through the Council of Stellar Management

Science & technology

  • Research multiple levels of
    advanced technology
  • Invent blueprints for spaceships
    and equipment
  • Build laboratories and research outposts
  • Hack and reverse engineer ancient technologies
    discovered in the depths of wormhole space