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The Social Universe

The EVE universe is inhabited by many peoples and diverse personalities, the most varied of which are the capsule pilots in their self-made societies. The core empires are controlled by powerful men and women, sitting at the apex of corporate and government power structures. The destinies of trillions living on the planets of the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic are in the hands of these rulers and the forces they command. The peoples of the empires strive to survive and prosper in an age of extremes. While they acknowledge those who rule in the core worlds, the toiling populations both fear and admire the most extreme personalities of all: the capsuleers.

Capsuleer technology is in use in all the empires and there are independent pilots from all the major races. While some capsuleers choose to remain loyal to their home empires, many have taken very different paths and operate beyond the core and often beyond the law. Fame and fortune can be found as a loyalist, to be sure, but the most notorious and well-known pilots are very often outer region warlords, pirates or freedom fighters. Some capsuleers have even found fame with the extreme opposite of loyalism, advocating anarchy and libertarian posthumanism. Yet others have taken darker paths, supporting the outlaw cartels of the Angels, Guristas and Serpentis. Even Sansha's Nation has its capsuleer adherents.

A Devout People

The undoubted rulers of the Amarr Empire are the True Amarr, a race that rose to power over their home planet of Athra, known to the modern world as Amarr Prime, through a religious crusade called "the Reclaiming". In the course of the Athran Reclaiming, the True Amarr conquered, enslaved and eventually absorbed the Udorian people. Additionally, they gained a powerful subject people that became known as the Khanid, from the Amarr for "little lords". While the Udorians were absorbed entirely into the True Amarr culture, the Khanid retained their ethnic characteristics and aspects of their own culture. Valued by the True Amarr as warriors, the Khanid came to occupy a relatively high status within Amarr society.

When the Amarr went into space and explored their home system, they discovered a disabled stargate and were able to reverse-engineer much technology from it. Once warp and jump technology were available, the Amarr began to spread out from their home system and establish colonies around nearby stars. Over several centuries, the Amarr spread across a vast domain, sometimes encountering other races. Without exception, the fanatical Amarr conquered and either enslaved or exterminated these races. Their Khanid soldiers were always at the forefront of such invasions, such as the conquest of Mishi IV, the home planet of the Ni-Kunni.

In the years following their enslavement, many Ni-Kunni earned their freedom and their children were born as free subjects of the Empire. The Amarr Empire's enslavement of the entire Minmatar race provided an enormous influx of new slaves that accelerated the emancipation of most Ni-Kunni. Today, almost all Ni-Kunni are free subjects. As a result, Amarr capsuleers are drawn from three bloodlines constituting the free peoples of the Empire: the True Amarr, Khanid and Ni-Kunni.

Servants of the State

The Caldari State is made up of three distinct peoples: the Achura, Civire and Deteis. Only the last two bloodlines come from Caldari Prime itself, and they make up by far the majority of the State's population. The Achura joined the inhabitants of Caldari Prime in their break from the Gallente Federation and originate from the third planet of the Saisio system.

In general, the Deteis are considered by outsiders to epitomize the Caldari qualities of efficiency and cunning, while the Civire are regarded as tenacious and straightforward in their dealings. While there is a certain amount of truth to these stereotypes, members of the two bloodlines are far more concerned with their identities as defined by the State, their megacorporation and their family than ethnic differences. This has meant that the Achura have found little difficulty in adapting to the Caldari way of life, as they are taken at face-value by other Caldari as citizens of the State.

The first after the mysterious Jove to make use of the hydrostatic capsule, Caldari captains are prevalent throughout New Eden and have traditionally made up the largest proportion of independent capsuleers. The Caldari combination of militarism and capitalism has led to many of its people adopting the life of the capsuleer. While some of these pilots choose to serve the State as loyalist paramilitaries and militia pilots, many others go into business for themselves, become mercenaries, or end up as pirates and alliance fighters in the outer regions of the cluster.

A Vast Diversity

While it embodies the principles and ideals of its Gallente founders, the Federation is made up of several different peoples living within the only classically democratic empire in the New Eden cluster. Aside from the ethnic Gallente, the major member races of the Federation are the Intaki, Jin-Mei and Mannar. The Intaki and Mannar were founder members of the Gallente Federation, and are well established throughout its territories.

The Intaki in particular have a talent for administration and diplomacy, and have produced several noted Federation Presidents. The Mannar are by temperament a loyal and determined, even stubborn, people, and provide a significant proportion of the intake of the Federal armed forces. The Jin-Mei are a more recent addition to the Federation and have had some difficulty adapting their traditional caste system to the libertarian ways of the Gallente political system. In addition to the home races, the Federation plays host to a very large Minmatar population and significant communities of other races. The Federation's relatively relaxed attitude to immigration and its undoubted freedoms have proved attractive to many able to make the journey from their home empires.

A considerable number of capsuleers are trained in the Gallente Federation every year and many go independent upon qualifying. Most of these capsuleers had tended to be either Gallente or Intaki, but a large number of Jin-Mei have begun to take up the challenge of the captain's life in recent years. Capsuleers of Federation origin are very diverse indeed and while some join the Federal Defence Union militia, many take up their own affairs immediately, whether in business or in less peaceable activities.

The Seven Tribes of Matar

The Minmatar race is made up of seven major tribes but the republic that emerged after the Great Rebellion was founded by only four of these: the Brutor, Krusual, Sebiestor and Vherokior. A fifth, the Thukker Tribe, chose to pursue a nomadic life apart from the Minmatar Republic, while the Nefantar Tribe became the Ammatar under the rule of the Amarr Empire. The seventh tribe of Matar, the Starkmanir, was considered extinct for many years after their supposed extermination by the Amarr Empire.

Indeed, the discovery of a surviving population of Starkmanir within the Ammatar Mandate was the trigger for momentous events that led to the Empyrean War, and the subsequent return of the Starkmanir and many Nefantar to the ancestral worlds of the Minmatar. Today, with even the nomadic Thukker accepting political union with the Republic, the Seven Tribes of Matar are once more united.

Even though the seven tribes are once again in union, the Minmatar Republic is an empire riven by tensions old and new. The horrors of the Amarr occupation are fresh memories for many, and with so many Minmatar still in bondage under the Amarr Empire the cause of the freedom fighters attracts many, including significant numbers of capsuleers trained in the Republic. Some Minmatar capsuleers take up arms in the Republic militia. Many others take a more radical direction and engage in direction action, terrorism to some, against the Amarr Empire and its allies. Most independent Minmatar capsuleers are drawn from the Brutor, Sebiestor and Vherokior tribes.