Don't miss the Customer Support Live Dev Blog tonight! - UPDATED!

If you checked our previous news you'll know we have a Live Dev Blog planned tonight from 20:00 to 21:00 GMT with some guys from our Customer Support team. To participate you should join the in game channel "Live Dev Blog" tonight at 20:00 GMT and join audio in the channel. Just make sure you have EVE Voice activated!

Important Notice!
The latest EVE client has support for joining audio on multiple channels. However, at this time, the Live Dev Blog in game channel does not support this feature and you must join ONLY the Live Dev Blog in game channel and NOT be listening on any other channel during the Live Dev Blog. If you join voice on the Live Dev Blog in game channel tonight you will be forced to restart your client and join EVE Voice Only in the Live Dev Blog in game channel!

In the future EVE Voice will be upgraded in this channel as well and you will be able to join audio on multiple channels as usual.

You can ask our GMs questions in this thread, as well as follow up questions in the channel tonight.