EVE Online: Empyrean Age 1.1 Patch Deployment

The EVE Online: Empyrean Age 1.1 patch will be deployed this Tuesday, 2nd September. Tranquility will be down from 11.00 to 17.00 GMT. The downtime is unlikely to affect the forums.

Empyrean Age 1.1 consists of hundreds of fixes and changes to all aspects of the game and it also includes the previous optional patches as well as new content in the form of more rookie and Level 1-5 Empire Faction missions. This release also focuses heavily on bug fixes which cover everything from the User Interface, Science and Industry, Player Owned Structures, EVE Voice, Mail and Chat and much, much more.

It is advisable that all players set a long skill in training prior to the patch deployment.

Patch Notes are now available. Patch Notes and all changes are also currently deployed on Singularity. Updates to the notes may be added should any further items be cleared through the Quality Assurance process. These updates will be highlighted with green text.

Expansion discussion may be found in this forum thread.

Many clarifications, amendments and additions have been made to the Patch Notes as of 31 August 2008 at 05.00. It is advisable that all players familiarize themselves with the changes. As of 01 September 2008 at 20.50 there have been several other clarifications and amendments added to the Patch Notes. All players should familiarize themselves with the changes.