Maintenance Arrays, Containers in High Security Space and Ship Slot Changes

Trinity is bringing a number of changes to EVE. While most of the changes will have an impact on the community, a few of the changes will require some preparation on the part of certain groups of players. These changes are listed below:

  1. Capital Ships and Maintenance Bays

    Capital and Capital Industrial class ships (Carriers, Motherships, Titans and Rorquals) with ships stored in the Ship Maintenance Bay with anything other than charges in them, will be unable to undock or add new ships containing anything other than charges after the patch but they can still warp, jump and dock.

  2. Anchored Containers

    • All anchored containers in solar systems with security levels between 0.8 and 1.0 will be removed from space. Player owned cans will be moved into the character's home station (clone location).
    • Corporation cans will be moved to the HQ. have been moved into their owner's hangar at the last station they visited.
  3. Ship Slot Allocation
    The following ships will undergo changes to their Slot and Hard point allocations. After the deployment of Trinity, modules in these slots and hard points will be removed and placed in the ship's cargo hold. If there is insufficient space in the hold, the modules will be transported to the character's home station (clone location).
    • Eos: Lost 2 turret hard points, changed a mid slot to a low slot (-2 turrets, -1 mid slot)
    • Nidhoggur: Changed a mid slot to a low slot (-1 mid slot)
    • Ares: Changed a high slot to a mid slot (-1 high slot)
    • Rook: Changed a high slot into a low slot (-1 high slot)
    • Nightmare: -2 high, -3 low, -4 launcher hard points
    • Phantasm: -1 high, -2 low, -3 launcher hard points
    • Succubus: -2 low, -2 launcher hard points

We recommend all players with containers in the affected space or owning the aforementioned ships to take the necessary steps to prevent items from being moved to an unwanted hangar. Please direct discussion to the existing Deployment Announcement thread.