Fanfest Pacifier & Enforcer Distribution Complete!

We’re happy to announce that the Pacifier and Enforcer class CONCORD hulls have now been distributed as part of the Fanfest 2017 ticket purchase rewards.

Those pilots who bought their Fanfest 2017 tickets before 2017/01/01 have been gifted:

  • 1x Enforcer class Recon Cruiser
  • 1x Pacifier class Covert Ops Frigate

Those pilots who bought their Fanfest tickets after 2016/12/31 have been gifted:

  • 1x Pacifier class Covert Ops Frigate

These ships should now be in your redeeming system, one package of ships for each account registered to your email address.

We have received a small number of tickets from pilots who realized that they signed up for their Fanfest tickets with a different email address than the one verified with their EVE Online accounts.

If this is the case for you and you have not received your ships, please contact customer support with a ticket under the Billing category, and our friendly billing GameMasters will be more than happy to assist in getting your ships to you.

Please remember to include your real name and Fanfest ticket order number from Eventbrite in your support ticket so that we can verify your purchase.

If you missed out on getting hold of these ships as part of the Fanfest offers, then fear not!

In the near future they will be available as rewards in game for certain activities, as well as for other promotions and offers in future!