XVI Anniversary Celebrations - New Eden Store 16 PLEX SKIN Sale!

We're super happy to announce that as part of the XVI Anniversary Celebrations, the New Eden Store is hosting a 16 PLEX anniversary SKIN sale from today, through until May 19th.

Each day will see a different SKIN discounted to the price of 16 PLEX for 24 hours in celebration of New Eden's 16th birthday.

SKINs will include classics from the Matigu Seabeast, Bloody Hands, Blackfire Steel, Morphite Shine, Lodestrike, Hadean Horror and Ultra Jungle designs across hulls from all races, ranging from frigate to capital classes!

Be sure to check out the New Eden Store each day for a new deal and maybe the SKIN you've been looking to get your hands on might be up for grabs at a discount!