Sabres Rattle in Geminate - Double DD Ensues

K25-XD, GEMINATE - Solar Fleet SOLAR unleashed multiple doomsday devices at 21:21 today on a 240 man starbase defense fleet composed of Wildly Inappropriate WI, The Initiative INIT., and Majesta Empire ME.

Sources indicate Mostly Harmless MH was also enroute to assist but was forced to burn home after receiving reports of a Triumvirate TRI attack in progress.

According to initial reports the double doomsday was largely ineffective and resulted in a significant number of friendly fire losses. At this time the three SOLAR titans (along with their support fleet) have left the field. The battle marks the beginning of what will likely be an intense weekend of fighting in Geminate.

The conflict began on Thursday when SOLAR and SOL-W reinforced all Wildly Inappropriate WI sovereignty towers in K25-XD. According to WI spokesman Tomcat, the offensive came in response to WI assaults on three towers held by SOLAR in CFYY-J and U6D-9A.

The remaining six reinforced WI towers in K25-XD are reported to be coming out of reinforced mode over the weekend at optimal times for WI.

Historically K25-XD has functioned as a pivotal system for defenders of Geminate. Earlier this year it served as the center point of United Freeman Alliance's UFA unsuccessful bid to defend its Geminate territory against WI. K25-XD is one of a handful of station systems in the region and well defended against conventional attacks due to its location deep within the region.

The extent of the current hostilities has yet to be seen. NC forces are currently heavily engaged in the north and south as well as the Drone Regions to a lesser extent. The opening of another front with a potentially powerful enemy would certainly add an additional element to an already complex situation.

More information to come as the weekend progresses.

GalNet Sources


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