Join the mega stream night: Watch twitch vs EVE on March 31

On March 31st something extraordinary will happen: The most famous EVE streamers on twitch join forces! Watch a total of four fleets roaming New Eden and enjoy live broadcasts from multiple perspectives.

Each fleet will have giveaways for you! CCP will contribute 9 PLEX and 9 amazing IGC SKINs for each fleet. The streamers will have additional prizes for you. Don't miss out!

The event will begin at 22:00 UTC on March 31st.

Watch the original broadcast from Raiden Harmann, organizer of this event.
Alternatively, enjoy this crazy spectacle on CCP's twitch stream.

In the meanwhile, check out the fantastic streams of the participants:

[Bjorn Bee](//
[Brick Rickman](//
[Dahox lacefe](//
[Gommel Nox](//
[Peach Mongol](//
[Raiden Harmann](//
[Rob and Tori](//
[shwing shwing](//
[ThatguyToxic Tox](//
[Zarvox Toral](//