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64bit EVE client

The 64-bit client will make better use of available system resources & bring EVE Online up to modern standards.

Join the EVE 64-Bit Open Beta!

We are delighted to announce that pilots across the cluster will be able to join an opt-in open beta for the 64-bit EVE client with the release of the summer expansion for EVE Online. This represents a key modernization moment in the development of EVE Online and is a substantial milestone in CCP's continued investment in the future of New Eden.

With the launch of EVE Online: Invasion, pilots will be able to switch their launcher over to download the 64-bit client for EVE Online if they wish to do so, as we finalize its roll-out toward the summer. Eventually the 64-bit client will become the standard for EVE, replacing older 32-bit architecture. For now, the two will run side by side as we beta test 64-bit clients on Tranquility.

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Completed - 2019-05-28