Entdecke mithilfe unserer Spielerressourcen die vielen Wege, die du in EVE Online einschlagen kannst. Wiederkehrende Piloten können entdecken, was sich seit ihrem letzten Abenteuer im sich stets wandelnden Universum getan hat.

Flight Academy

Essential knowledge for new players

Everything from flying your ship to joining a player-run corporation, Flight Academy videos are essential viewing for new players.

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EVE Updates

News and information

Up-to-date information on everything happening in EVE Online, as well as upcoming and past updates.

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EVE Forums

Vibrant and active community

Join EVE Online's spirited and diverse community, making use of its depth of knowledge and experience.

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EVE Support

Help is at hand

Providing assistance for players who encounter issues with EVE Online, in and out of the game.

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EVE Fiction Portal

A rich backstory

Read amazing stories about heroes and villains in the world of EVE Online.

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