Guardian’s Gala

13 February - 27 February

The Serpentis Corporation spares no expense when it holds its annual gathering for business partners and allies in its criminal enterprises. Use The Agency to find the Gala sites and crash the celebrations to earn exclusive rewards such as 'Spirit' ship SKINs and Guardian's Gala Cerebral Accelerators. Help law enforcement fight EVE's vile drug cartels and take up the challenge from The Agency starting 13 February!

Guardian’s Gala


Event ends in: 6 Days

How to participate

The easiest way to dive into the Guardian's Gala is to check out The Agency and the challenges it offers for this event. The Guardian's Gala will be held across New Eden at the Serpentis Corporation's dedicated sites: the Guardian's Gala Rendezvous Points!

The Agency is always a reliable gateway to activity and opportunities in New Eden, and during an event it will guide pilots to sites that contain fearsome enemies and exclusive rewards.

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