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Patch Notes for Trinity 1.0.1

2007-12-18 - Publié par CCP CAPSLOCK

Trinity 1.0.1 Patch Notes, released 18 December 2007

Linux and Mac Client

  • General stability fixes for both Mac and Linux clients have been added.
  • An issue where closing the Mac EVE client would cause a lockup has been fixed.
  • The Mac client will now use the current OS resolution as a default rather than the hard coded settings.
  • Windows should no longer turn inside out.
  • Mac client users can now use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste both in-game and desktop.
  • EVE Voice should now work under Mac OS Leopard. Now ransomers can hear their victims sing "Dancing Queen".
  • Some missing Unicode clipboard formats have been added.

NPE & Tutorials

  • The drones tutorial no longer blanks out when the starmap is open nor will it lock up in certain circumstances.
  • The tutorial window will no longer disappear if the screen size is decreased.
  • Containers in tutorial dungeons have been fixed to be usable by characters going through the tutorial.
  • Under certain rare circumstances, new characters would be thrown in the trash when entering the game in-station. This has been resolved in a hotfix earlier.

Skills and Implants

  • The Nanite Operation skill has been fixed.
  • A rare case where a jump clone would lose its implants after a jump has been resolved in a hotfix earlier.


  • Drones no longer instantly recharge their shields when recalled to the drone bay.


  • NPCs have been ordered to cease their attacks on secure containers in space. This issue was hotfixed earlier.
  • NPC bounties will now be processed correctly at downtime.


  • Activities performed by drones now count towards determining whether a mission is complete - specifically, using mining drones would prevent mining missions from completing properly.
  • The issues with the mission Pot and Kettle - Seek and Destroy (4 of 5) have been resolved.
  • Objectives for the mission In the Shadow of War (1 of 5) have been clarified.
  • Security agents are no longer giving out mining missions. No more milk runs!

Science and Industry

  • Combat Recon ships can be manufactured once again.


  • A number of hotfixes have been applied since Trinity's deployment to resolve numerous issues with starbases and their shields.
  • Launching a jump bridge array no longer locks the Premium Graphics Content client up.
  • The name change of the reactor arrays that occured in the Trinity release broke all existing connected Starbase structures. This was resolved as part of a hotfix.
  • The cause of the starbase shield reset at downtime has been found and resolved as part of a hotfix.
  • An error that was preventing the Cynosural System Jammer from operating correctly has been resolved as part of a hotfix.
  • Damaged control towers will no longer cause problems with the loading of a Starbase while the solarsystem is loading. This was resolved in a hotfix earlier.
  • A situation where modules requiring a specific sovereignty level would break a starbase on system load has been resolved as part of a hotfix.
  • An issue with jump bridges not working for non-corporation members has been identified and resolved.

Corporations & Alliances

  • Corporation mails are no longer sent to all members with a title.
  • A major issue with the corporation registry has been fixed.


  • An exception that would prevent kill details from showing up has been fixed.
  • A bug where NPC data would overwrite a player's entry in the kill database has been fixed.

Star Map

  • Star Map is no longer grayed out when no region names have been selected in Labels.
  • An issue preventing the Star Map from displaying properly after viewing solar system map has been resolved.


  • Numerous server-side errors have been resolved. These will have no visible in game effect, but server-side performance has improved.
  • Extraneous bulkdata should no longer be downloaded when logging into EVE. This should decrease login time.
  • The login screen should no longer be spammed with error messages.
  • Account names and installation folders with Unicode characters are now fully supported.
  • An exception thrown by the In-Game Browser has been fixed.
  • Nanite repair paste can now be stored in all hangar divisions, not just the first.
  • The new gas cloud resources can now be seen on the market.
  • Overview behavior while minimized has been optimized.
  • The displayed log entries for derived standing changes were incorrect. This issue has been fixed moving forward. The dervied standings themselves were correctly calculated.
  • The locked targets display origin point will no longer be hidden under the Neocom in certain circumstances.
  • The undocking point for certain stations has been moved so that undocking ships remaining within the docking perimeter.
  • An error with loyalty point processing has been fixed.
  • The region names approved for the recently open "drone regions" have been added to the starmap.
  • Leaving voice on in a channel now shows properly on other player's clients.
  • Selected items are again added into the contract selection when a contract is started through a right click on one of the selected items.
  • A number of server log issues have been resolved. The server log should no longer be spammed with error entries.
  • A large number of sound issues have been resolved.
  • Sounds that error out and do not replay until a client reboot have been resolved.
  • Non-English characters in certain circumstances would create petition issues. This has been resolved.


  • The graphics cache setting has been added to the classic client.
  • An error in the "Restart after changing graphics settings" window has been fixed.
  • The "Sun is occluded by ships" option now applies to items on the login screen.


  • LOD processing for shadows has been improved.
  • The drone interface window will no longer disappear when drones are launched.
  • An issue causing the character selection screen would shift to blue has been resolved.
  • Rendering of blueprint icons has been fixed.
  • A problem where ship icons would be re-rendered an unnecessary number of times has been resolved.
  • Certain cloaked ships now display properly on the cloaked player's client.
  • The Minmatar have repaired the plasma routing on their military and mining stations.
  • A glowing problem with the Tribal Issue Tempest has been fixed.
  • The Light Electron Blaster II now has the correct model in the premium client.
  • Lasers no longer have strange interactions with glass surfaces when bloom is enabled.
  • NPCs now leave thruster trails.
  • Capture Portrait works correctly again.
  • Several issues with display and animation of mining lasers and strip miners have been fixed.
  • The cloaking effect in the Premium Graphics Content client has been changed. The effect has less Strobing™ and more Throbbing™.
  • Sentry Drone models are no longer Missing In Action.
  • Gallente ship models have been touched up with darker colors and shinier metal surfaces.
  • Bloom state leakage should no longer occur, especially on the log-in screen.
  • GMs are able to make adjust wallet balances as needed. This was fixed in a hotfix earlier.
  • The API access to data has been optimized in a special release.


  • A warning indicating that a DirectX file was not installed because of user privileges has been added.
  • The content patch from classic to premium should now check to ensure sufficient hard drive space before installing.
  • The premium content upgrade will now warn that it is about to close EVE before it starts the process.

Exploit Fixes

  • Contracts for ships with modules fitted will no longer cause a ship to be unable to undock.
  • Customs officials have resumed issuing fines and confiscating illegal cargo.

Please note: No Windows system files were harmed during the creation or deployment of this patch.

Trinity 1.0.1-1 Server-side changes deployed 9 January 2008

  • An issue causing the random unlinking of jump arrays after downtimes has been resolved.
  • The issue causing situations where starbases would starting up with only 50% shields has been resolved.
  • In rare situations, an issue would cause starbases to not work properly after system startup. This has been resolved.
  • Some pre-Trinity release Rorquals were not upgraded to 4 production lines. This has been resolved.
  • Some R&D agent missions were not working properly due to a server-side error. This error has been resolved.

Trinity 1.0.1-2 Server-side changes deployed 15 January 2008

  • Fixed an exploit that could cause a node to crash.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow people to view the contents of a courier mission package prior to accepting.

Trinity 1.0.1-3 Server-side changes deployed 16 January 2008

  • Forum upgrades

Trinity 1.0.1-4 Client-side changes deployed 17 January 2008

  • This client-side change was revoked.

Trinity 1.0.1-5 Server-side changes deployed 24 January 2008

  • Control tower shields will no longer drop to 50% after downtime.
  • It is no longer possible to either create 0-run BPCs through blueprint copying nor to invent from 0-run BPCs.
  • Fixes to derived standings logs.

Trinity 1.0.1-5.1 Server-side change deployed 30 January 2008

  • Moving Nanite Repair Paste into any Capital Ship Corporate hangar division EXCEPT division 1 caused the Paste to simply vanish. This issue has been resolved.

Trinity 1.0.1-5.2 Server-side change deployed 6 February 2008

  • Ships have been unfitted based in changes done in the Trinity expansion in December. For more details please see this news item.