Removing the ability to deploy Outpost and Outpost upgrades with December 13

As we announced in the Engineering Complex dev blog in October, the upcoming release on December 13th will remove the ability to deploy new Outposts and Outpost Upgrades in New Eden. This is a small first step in the long-term plan to gradually replace these legacy structures with newer Upwell technology.

Any Outposts and Outpost upgrades deployed/installed before the December 13th downtime will continue to operate as normal and will not have any bonuses or functionality removed at this time.

As part of this release we are also ending the NPC market seeding of Outpost Construction Platform blueprints, Outpost Improvement Platforms and Outpost Upgrade Platforms, and it will no longer be possible to build new Outpost Construction Platforms. Any remaining blueprints and items in these groups that are not consumed before the December 13th downtime will be eligible for a form of reimbursement in the future. More information about this reimbursement plan will be provided at a later date.

If you or your alliance plans to deploy a new outpost or outpost upgrade, we urge you to do so before December 13th.

If you have further questions, please use the discussion thread on the EVE Online forum.