Operation Permafrost

17 Dec 2018 - 2 Jan 2019

The Operation Permafrost event promises new and exciting challenges, visuals and content! Enjoy exclusive rewards such as blueprints for brand new Mordu's Legion and Frostline modules, exclusive Operation Permafrost SKINs, as well as limited time Boosters and Cerebral Accelerators.

An unknown third party has enlisted your help in disrupting ORE Frostline's operations around the northern polar regions of a mysterious ice dwarf, but beware of the Mordu's Legion ships protecting them!

Operation Permafrost

How to Participate

Limited Time Rewards

Operation Permafrost rewards you with exclusive items available only by playing and completing the event. Get blueprints for brand new Frostline and Mordu's Legion modules, as well as the exclusive Operation Permafrost SKIN with awesome snow effects for the Merlin, Omen, Hurricane and Megathron ships. You can also get limited time Boosters and Cerebral Accelerators as a reward for completing objectives and racking up those Event points.