Crimson Harvest

23 Oct - 5 Nov 2018

The Crimson Harvest event returns with new sites, visuals and content! Run the gauntlet and engage in a new play experience to obtain a unique new material through mining or combat, then build your new Cerebral Accelerator! The new mineral is found buried under the surface of special asteroids, lying deep inside a mysterious nebula. It is being mined and fought over by Capsuleers and Blood Raiders, inspired by the prize of a unique Cerebral Accelerator.

Experience gorgeous new atmospheric nebulae and get the Deathglow Hunters SKIN for the popular Astero, Gila, Machariel and Avatar hulls.

Crimson Harvest

How to Participate

Limited Time Rewards

This Crimson Harvest event features all new rewards, including a blueprint for a brand new Cerebral Accelerator which can only be produced with the unique new mineral type. With your Agency points, you can also get the exclusive Deathglow Hunters SKIN for Astero, Gila and Machariel hulls, as well as the immense Avatar titan class hull! These rewards are only available for the limited duration of this event!