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Back to Basics in the Proving Grounds!

2021-09-17 - By EVE Online Team

Nostalgic Capsuleers,

Return to your foundations in a new Abyssal Proving Grounds event, where four pilots dive into thunderdome combat against one another aboard one of the four Empires’ Corvettes! Board one of these humble and capable vessels for free at any station or citadel, and go all-out as you fight your way to the top!

This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 17 September, and runs until 11:00 on 21 September.

The ruleset for the event is as follows:

  • Only the Impairor, Ibis, Velator, and Reaper may enter
  • Modules and drones are restricted to meta level 4
  • Pirate implants are not allowed

Prepare for combat on equal footing, gaining invaluable combat experience aboard ships you can easily afford to lose while utilizing any combat tactics you can think of: keep an eye on your orbit, get a handle on different types of weapons and EWAR, predict your opponents’ own moves, or even take a crack at manual piloting for fine-tuned movement!

We're looking forward to an accessible and exciting event, bringing in Capsuleers of any age and experience level to rage against one another in the Proving Grounds. Board your Corvette, kit it out with any modules you can imagine, and grab your filaments – found in Abyssal Deadspace, in Triglavian wrecks in Pochven, or on the ingame market – as you demonstrate your mastery of every Capsuleer’s first class of ship and ascend the Proving Grounds leaderboard, achieving glory and earning special rewards!