Community Beat for 10 May | EVE Online

Community Beat for 10 May

2024-05-10 - By EVE Online Community Team

o7 capsuleers, and welcome back to a special birthday edition of the Community Beat! This week, we celebrated EVE's 21st birthday and learned more about EVE Equinox through our In Focus series. June 11th can't come soon enough!!

For those still reeling from Admiral Noir’s Spiced Rum at our anniversary bash, don’t worry—you can turn off camera shake in the settings menu.

This week we've got some Capsuleer Day info for you, some tools to help you master ship fitting, some EVE-inspired music, and more. Crack open a refreshing Starsi Blast, and let's go!

Capsuleer Day Update & Resources

Capsuleer Day is in full swing! Today, the devs implemented a few changes to the event based on your feedback. Loot distribution is more even, so the "average" site will earn more rewards. Moreover, material and filament BPC drop rates have been improved so that you'll be able to build filaments more consistently with only some market trading required. You'll definitely still need to trade for some components, mind you, but you'll also have more materials to trade with.

The sites can be daunting, but there are some nifty resources available to give you a fighting edge! Check out The Drone Bay on YouTube for an excellent guide to mastering combat sites, complete with detailed breakdowns.

Looking for fits? The Community Fittings have been updated with some tried-and-true performers from all races. If you want to really dive deep, however, EVE Workbench has you covered. There are fits which can be sorted by skill level, price point, Alpha or Omega status - you name it! Many fits also have guides along with them so you can know what you're heading into. This fit, popularized by Torvald Uruz and the Abyssal Lurkers community, excels at managing the challenging Disastrous Gamma (tier-3) sites

Fit For a King

Whether you're new to the universe of EVE Online or a seasoned veteran, finding the right ship fit is crucial for your success in both combat and exploration. This week, we're excited to feature two incredible tools - one new and one old - that cater to all levels of experience and play styles: and Pyfa.

First up, we have, a new and intuitive web-based tool perfect for players who are still learning the ropes of ship fitting. Developed by capsuleer SmallBrain, who undoubtedly applied his 'big brain' skills, this tool was unveiled this week! allows you to easily browse through existing setups and tweak them to your liking or start from scratch to create a fit that suits your specific needs. Its user-friendly interface makes ship fitting accessible and straightforward, helping when you aren't in-game to theorycraft.

On the other hand, for those who seek depth and a more detailed approach, Pyfa stands as the gold standard of fitting tools - quite literally! Maintained by Kadesh Priestess, a winner of the Alliance Tournament, Pyfa offers a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your ship's potential. Gang links, implants, remote effects - it provides detailed stats on your fits, helping you optimize every module for maximum performance in various scenarios. Whether you're gearing up for a PvP battle or trying to min-max your missions, Pyfa delivers the robust functionality needed to excel.

EVE Has Sound

EVE-themed songs hold a special place in our hearts, from well-known parodies like Little Bees to others that fly under the radar. Thankfully for us, Markee Dragon and Katia Sae have collaborated on a fun EVE bop. Markee Dragon wrote the lyrics, a generative music creation program added the instrumentals, and Katia set it to video!

We know it won't end with this one, so be sure to tune into Markee Dragon's streams to see what other pieces he's got cooking.

Around The Universe in 6,550 Days!

While Katia Sae was the pioneer as the first to chart all known systems, pilot Pax Sex has now also etched his name into the annals of our universe with his own unique voyage. As of 30 April, Pax has visited all the systems - both in j-space and k-space - in New Eden. This feat underscores not only the boundless possibilities within EVE but also the often tenacious spirit you have.

That's it for this installment of the Community Beat! We're fully in Equinox mode until the expansion, so keep an eye out for more about the upcoming features. Next week, we'll be sharing information about the new Upwell haulers (they have missiles!) and CCP Bee will be joined by CCP Kestrel to break down exactly how these carebears with claws will fly. We can't wait!

To join in on the discussion, hop on over to the EVE Online Discord - we'll see you there!