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Patch Notes for Apocrypha 1.1

2009-04-16 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Patch notes for Apocrypha 1.1, released 16 April 2009

Table of Contents



Need for Speed

  • Major market hubs will benefit from a significant increase in performance with changes to the client that result in fewer database calls and a more streamlined performance.

Tech 3

  • The fourth offensive subsystem will allow the fitting of covert ops cloaking devices and the ability to use covert ops jump bridges.
  • The fourth defensive subsystem will provide a bonus to warfare links.
  • The fourth propulsion subsystem will provide immunity against non-targeted warp disruption fields, interdictor spheres or anchored bubbles.
  • The fourth engineering subsystem will give you a bonus to heat damage reduction allowing you to overheat your modules for longer.
  • The fourth electronic subsystem will provide bonus to equip an expanded probe launcher and gain a 10% scan strength bonus to probes per level
  • The "Legion Offensive - Convergent Beam Focuser” subsystem has been renamed to “Legion Offensive - Assault Optimization” and now gains a bonus to Heavy assault missile damage and missile launcher rate of fire following a new Khanid focus.

Wormhole Space

  • Twelve new anomaly sites have been added for wormhole exploration


  • The Falcon has gained one addition turret slot.

  • A 10m3 drone bay / 10 mbit drone bandwidth has been added to the Falcon.

  • The ECM strength bonus has been increased to 30% per recon ships skill level for the Falcon.

  • The ECM Optimal range bonus has been switched to a 5% Hybrid Damage bonus on the Falcon.

  • A 25m3 drone bay / 25 mbit drone bandwidth has been added to the Rook.

  • 100 base hit points have been added to the shield of the Rook.

  • The ECM Optimal Range bonus has been swapped for a 5% Rate of Fire bonus to Heavy and Heavy Assault launchers per Caldari cruiser skill level for the Rook.

  • The ECM strength bonus has been increased to 30% per level on the Rook.

  • The ECM optimal bonus has been switched to 20% ECM optimal and falloff range bonus per level for the Scorpion.

  • The ECM strength bonus has been changed to 30% per level for the Widow

  • Stealth Bombers have had their role refocused to be anti-battleship role. They now equip siege missile launchers and use torpedoes instead of cruise missiles which allow them to inflict large volley damage against big targets and gain the ability to equip a covert ops cloak so can warp around whilst cloaked. In addition bombs have been made cheaper and the bomb launcher can now be equipped in any of the bombers high slots along with other changes to aid them.

  • Stealth Bombers now gain a bonus to fitting siege missile launchers instead of cruise missile launchers.

  • Stealth Bombers can fit and use a covert ops cloak allowing them to warp whilst cloaked.

  • Stealth Bombers now have a 15% bonus to damage for racial torpedoes per covert ops skill.

  • Stealth Bombers now have a flight time and velocity bonus to torpedoes. The power grid and cpu fitting attributes have been adjusted for all Stealth Bombers.

  • The base velocity of Stealth Bombers has been increased.

  • Bomb launchers can now be fitted to any high slot on the bomber.

  • Covert cynosural fields can now be activated in cynojammed systems allowing black ops ships to jump or bridge other covert ops ships into the cynojammed system.

  • Black Ops ships have received an increase to their base scan resolution attribute allowing them to lock faster.

  • Black Ops ships have gained +100m3 to their cargo bay.

  • The Black Ops base jump fuel cost has been decreased from 400 to 300 units per light year.


  • ECM Modules have had their base optimal and falloff ranges adjusted, the optimal range has been decreased whilst the falloff range has increased.
  • Signal Distortion Amplifiers have been changed to provide a bonus to both ECM strength and optimal range and their bonuses adjusted accordingly.
  • The Focused Warp Disruption script will no longer generate a visual bubble around a Heavy Interdictor as this was causing confusion. The script will still scramble within the correct area of effect.

Weapons & Ammunition

  • The batch size of bombs has been increased to from 3 to 20 meaning new manufacturing jobs will be cheaper per unit bomb cost.
  • Bomb velocity has been increased from 1250 to 2000 m/s.


  • The price of the skill "Interdictors" has been reduced to 20 million ISK.

Market & Contracts

  • Three new sub categories have been added to the market for Hull Upgrades. The new categories will be Expanded Cargoholds, Nanofiber Internal Structures and Reinforced Bulkheads. The new sub categories will mean that items in the Hull Upgrades section will no longer be jumbled together and will allow for easier browsing and purchases.

User Interface

  • All linked tutorials will now say "wiki" as opposed to EVElopedia.
  • Every scan result will now get a unique ID allowing you to manage and sort scan results with greater ease. You can now filter this unique ID and ignore all other results when scanning for certain signatures.
  • It is now possible to bookmark a 100% signature hit remotely via right click in the context menu. In addition, the scanner will remember signatures which were scanned at 100% so that they are not lost on subsequent scans.
  • The range for scooping items from a wreck or container has been increased from 1500m to 2500m. Drones will return to drone bay upon recall when they are within 2500 meters.


World Shaping

  • Certain rare conditions could cause wormholes to spread unevenly, resulting in more wormholes than intended in some systems and less than intended in others. This has now been fixed and wormholes will be distributed much more evenly.

Need for Speed

  • The jukebox and audio services have had unnecessary register notify messages removed. This fix means that unnecessary functions will no longer be called upon.
  • The number of gas and ore sites in wormhole space has been reduced to remove unnecessary results in the scanner. The new system will have more concentrated gas and bigger asteroids in the remaining sites to compensate.


  • The description of the Skiff has been corrected and will now state that "20% reduced chance of Mercoxit gas cloud forming per level ". A typographical error has also been corrected in the description.
  • The skill loss applied when a Tech 3 ship is destroyed is now working correctly and will randomly remove one skill level of one of your active subsystem skills.
  • The Tech 3 defensive sub-system bonus will now be applied correctly and will not be stacking penalized.
  • Multiple ship descriptions have been tweaked in order to say what their skill-specific bonuses are in an easily understandable way
  • The description of the Vagabond has had several grammatical errors corrected.
  • All Black Ops battleships will now have their cloaking delay bonus set to five seconds.
  • The corporate hangars for Capital ships such as the Rorqual, Orca or Carriers will now display the correct volume and will not allow or display overloaded hangars.


  • Missing icons have been added to the "Show Info" option of Covert Jump Portal Generators and Covert Cyno Generators.
  • ECCM modules will now display an effect when activated.
  • Cloaking devices will now work correctly within gas clouds. Warping into a gas environment with a covert ops ship will not cause a forced de-cloaking. It should be noted that missions in which clouds cause damage, such as Recon 3 of 3, will still damage covert ops or cloaked ships as intended.
  • The description of all Nosferatu modules will now state "Note: a Nosferatu module will not drain your target's capacitor below your own capacitor percentage level."
  • The description of the triage module has been changed to state that the bonus only applies to capital repair modules.
  • The sound effects for energy neutralizers will now be played correctly instead of being stuck in a constant repeat.


  • The Drone Durability Enhancer Rig now displays the correct attributes and enhancements.
  • Bonuses will be correctly displayed for all missile rigs.

Weapons & Ammunition

  • Text stating "The delicate crystalline structures used in the manufacture of this advanced crystal degrade with use, eventually causing it to shatter." has been added to the description of all published T2 and faction crystals.
  • Sorting probes by ID number will now correctly list them from 1-10 or 10-1 depending on setting.
  • Any probes that are active but do not expire during a scan process will become stuck in a moving state and cannot be interacted with until they expire. Newly launched probes can now be used to scan correctly without displaying a warning notice that active probes are still in use.
  • FOF missiles can now attack further than 80km. The maximum range will depend on the pilot’s ship, skills and rigs.


  • Curator I and II drones have been fixed and will now attack starbase towers as intended.
  • Drone AI has been improved. When a single drone is attacked and is part of a group set to aggressive and focus fire, the rest of the drones in that group will aggress instead of sitting idle.
  • In some situations drones set to passive would still select their own targets, this has now been fixed.


  • The description of the "Trade" skill has been amended to reflect that it affects both buy and sell orders.
  • A change has been made to the client and server skill point gain calculations for rookie pilots below the 1.6 million skill point threshold. Skill point increase per minute is now based on the total skill points you will have after completing the skill, instead of your total skill points. This effectively means that skill point gain will be calculated properly when crossing a bonus boundary. This means that adding a skill, which has 756,000 skill points when you are on the threshold (i.e. 1,590.000), will not benefit from the double skill training bonus and will be trained at normal speed.
  • Untrained skills can now be added to the skill queue by using the "Train after current queue" from the skill book context menu. It should be noted that all pre-requisites must be trained for any skill book being added by this method.
  • The skill queue will now properly award skill points when accounts are disabled with active skills in the queue. For example, if you had a total of 15 days of skills queued (1 x 18 hour and 1 x 14 days and 6 hours) and your account became inactive after day 8, the skill queue will not automatically train skills to completion and will stop as intended after the three day grace period.
  • Training two different characters on the same account via the skill queue has been fixed. When a queue expires on character A, you can now log character B in and set up a queue without receiving the warning "another character on this account is training a skill". It should be noted that this does not mean that dual account training is possible.
  • If you are podded in a clone which has slightly more than 1.6 million skill points, or that will bring you below 1.6 million skill points, you will now automatically revert to the double skill training bonus. In addition, if you are podded and lose implants the client will now adjust skill training time in line with your new attributes making skill training slightly longer. If you lost a rank of a learning skill due to being podded, the client will also take that into consideration and the new attribute level will instantly be applied making training of skills slightly longer.
  • The "Open group Window" has been removed from the right click context menu in the skill queue as this resulted in being unable to add skills to the skill queue.
  • Any skill that takes a player over the 1.6 million threshold will display training time correctly in the character sheet or skill list without the double training bonus. If a skill in an applied queue takes you over the bonus boundary, training times will be recalculated for any skills later in the queue.
  • "Save changes" is now changed to "Apply changes" informing the player that the changes in the Skill training queue will be applied if he clicks on "Yes".
  • Skills with at least 1 skill point will now display when choosing the option "Highlight partially trained skills."
  • The pre-requisite of Anchoring I has been removed from the station containers, warehouses and vaults. These items cannot be removed from a station making the skill requirement unnecessary.
  • The skills Connections and Diplomacy now work as follows. If your standing to a corporation, which is friendly with CONCORD, is below zero then you need to use Diplomacy to raise standings. In the case that your standings are positive to a corporation, which is friendly with CONCORD, you can use Connections to improve those standings. Criminal Connections will only raise standings with corporations who are not friendly to CONCORD. Training Diplomacy, Connections or Criminal Connections when your standing is exactly zero with a corporation will have no effect.

Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations

  • Control towers will now display correctly when anchored and no exception error will be generated in the logserver.
  • The Amarr outpost has been fixed and the upgrade 1 and upgrade 2 improvements will now give the correct number of manufacturing lines and appropriate reduction in time for tech I ship production.This will be added in a future hotfix.
  • The anchoring restriction for player owned structures has been changed from "restricted security level" to "restricted to security level less than" in order to better describe the attribute effect.

Character Creation and New Player Experience

  • The tutorial will no longer require players to have the fitting screen open on page three for the tutorial "Open the drone bay". Players will simply need to right click on the ship and choose the option from the context menu.
  • The text in the tutorial for "Armor Tanking" has been changed to read "Make sure you have your Small Armor Repairer I fitted before continuing. You will need to have trained the skill Repair Systems before you can fit it though. This skill was given to you in the Crash Course."
  • Multiple UI pointers have been added in all aspects of the tutorials .
  • A grammatical error has been fixed in the "Crash Course - Agents".
  • A grammatical error has been fixed in the "Crash Course - Fitting your ship".
  • Some errant text has been removed from the "Crash Course - Skill Training Queue".
  • An error is no longer displayed in the logserver when opening the character sheet during the Crash Course "Your Advancement".
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the Crash Course "Fitting Your Ship" tutorial.
  • The tutorial text for "Superior Ship" has been changed to read "If you are on the career mission track you just received a new ship."
  • Text has been added to the transaction window for tutorial agents. The new text will say "This standing increase was granted as part of the Capsuleer graduation process." in order to show why standings are set to excellent.
  • Removing a mission from your journal when the agent dialogue window is open will now result in the window being closed and the mission removed.
  • The tutorial for Exploration has been changed to include more up to date and useful information regarding scanning mechanics.
  • Goodies given out during the crash course tutorial will now work correctly in all cases. This means that in the case of a reset a player will not need to wait for the next downtime before items are given out.
  • The tutorials have been fixed to prevent issuing multiple items. For example, My first days->Crash Course->Skill Training Queue section->page 11 of 13 gives the "Afterburner" skill book as does the Military-> Afterburner-> page 2 of 2 tutorial. In future only one item will be awarded irrespective of what other tutorials or missions offer the same reward.


  • The Amarr Navy Armageddon has had a change to its loot table drop and will now drop energy weapons rather than projectiles.
  • The warp in effect for NPC pirates in asteroid belts has been fixed. Spawns will now warp in properly and not run off at obscene speeds.
  • The Militia Guardian will now display the correct cruiser sized icon in the overview and has had its signature adjusted to reflect this change.
  • Multiple NPC's have had their turret effects fixed.
  • The prefix name for all deadspace Blood Raider Battlecruisers has been changed from Corpior to Corpatis
  • The NPC Eule Vitrauze now flies the correct ship type.
  • Angel Webifier and Angel Viper models will now produce an Angel small wreck upon destruction rather than a mission generic small wreck.
  • A typographical error has been corrected for the Centii Loyal Scavenger.
  • Rogue Drones will now display the correct cross hair in the overview. Several medium sized drones were showing as a small red cross in the overview rather than a medium red cross.

Agents & Missions

  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the epic mission arc for the mission "The Caldari Commander".
  • Closing a conversation window with an agent will no longer generate an error in the logserver which results in being unable to open the mission window or start a new conversation.
  • Gallente ships in the mission "Balancing the Books (1 of 10) have been replaced with Gurista Pirates.
  • Grammatical changes have been corrected in the Epic Mission Arc for "The Missing Piece". The Minmatar Commander is now correctly referred to as "she" and The Caldari Commander is correctly labelled as a contractor of "Ishukone".
  • A warning will now be displayed when accepting the mission "An Economy under Threat" when in a ship with insufficient cargo space. The warning will be displayed as "You will need at least 150m3 of cargo space to make the delivery."
  • All Epic Arc Agents will now be labled as “Epic Arc Agent” under show info. In addition, Epic Agents unavailable to the user falls under the “Not available to you” section of an agents info. Epic Arc Agents are correctly marked as available if you currently have a mission (or offer) from them, or if they have a mission that they would offer you if you talk to them and marked as "agents of interest" if you have a mission for one and he is not in the same station as you.
  • Epic Arc Agents will no longer generate mission offer expired mails. Epic Arc Missions never expire.
  • Excessive black monoliths have been removed from a COSMOS site in Otitoh. Only one necessary monolith will now be displayed in the deadspace area.
  • "The Device", an item awarded for the mission "Rancorous Researcher (1 of 5)", will now display a proper description.The Device still does stuff after all.
  • The message displayed when attempting to quit a mission while in space will now be shown correctly.
  • You can now warp to an agent's location from the agent conversation window when the status of a mission is set to offered.
  • The description of the item "Smugglers warning about Sister Alitura" will now correctly state that Amon IX is in Essence and not Genesis.
  • The correct mission text will now be displayed for all Epic Arc missions even if your standing is poor. Previously it would display a blank page.
  • No "Ending unknown td" error will be generated in the log server when initiating a conversation with an agent.
  • The rock formation in the mission "Understanding Augumene" will no longer cause players to get stuck.
  • Resetting the Epic Mission Arc when it is partially completed will now clear out your journal without requiring a reboot of the client.
  • Mission redesign and texture remodelling has resulted in a significant increase in FPS when running two clients with HDR enabled. Players will notice a considerable frame rate improvement on all missions.
  • The correct drop off location has been added to the COSMOS mission "Nugoeihuvi Freelance - Construction Blocks (2 of 4) ".
  • The mission description for the Blood Raider version of "A Force to Be Reckoned With" has been corrected and will now list the correct name of the infamous captain that you will face.
  • The mission "A Beacon Beckons" will no longer despawn until all players have left the deadspace area.
  • The mission "Data Transportation" now displays the correct agent location.
  • Large Collideable Structures in the Rogue Drone Harassment mission no longer have "Wanted" labels.

Exploration & Deadspace

  • A typographical error has been corrected in the exploration site "Haunted Yard".
  • A typographical error in the "Pith Deadspace Complex" in Ohkunen has been corrected.

Science & Industry

  • Hammerhead and Vespa blueprints of all varieties will now display the correct model.
  • The Sisters Combat Scanner Probe I and blueprint I, Core Scanner Probe I and blueprint I and Deep Space Scanner Probe I and blueprint I have had the "I" removed to represent the proper faction variant.
  • Exception errors will no longer be generated when cancelling reverse engineering jobs.
  • Remote manufacturing jobs will now use the correct hangar rights when attempting to manufacture from a blueprint remotely.

Markets & Contracts

  • A typographical error has been corrected in the message displayed when attempting to accept a public contract created in some other region. The message will state "This contract is for The Citadel (example) region, you can only access outstanding public contracts in the region you are currently in."
  • The following blueprints are now searchable via contracts: 'Warhammer' Large EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint, Large Degenerative Concussion Bomb I Blueprint, Medium Degenerative Concussion Bomb I Blueprint, Small Degenerative Concussion Bomb I Blueprint, 'Lance' Medium EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint and 'Pike' Small EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint.

Corporation & Alliance

  • Players will no longer be able to leave a NPC Corporation (e.g. Hedion University) unless they are joining a player corporation or faction militia.
  • Alliance logos will now be displayed correctly and will be assigned to the correct Alliance.
  • Joining and leaving corporations, becoming a CEO and adding a corporation to a faction militia has been tweaked and will now work properly at all times.
  • An executor corporation of an alliance will be unable to leave the alliance as long as other corporations remain as active members. For example, if Corporation A and Corporation B form an alliance and Corporation A tries to leave they will receive a message stating that the executor cannot quit while there are other members. Should Corporation B leave the alliance then Corporation A can quit the alliance and that alliance is disbanded.
  • The correct message will be displayed when attempting to quit a corporation depending on the corporation. Players cannot quit a NPC Corp but can quit a faction militia.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the message displayed when resigning as a CEO.
  • Renting an office while there are impounded items in the station now delivers all the items to division 1 and they are now visible.


  • Additional struts have been removed from the Typhoon.
  • The pod will now be displayed properly in space at all times. Invisible pods are a thing of the past.
  • Ships will now decloak correctly after jumping through a stargate. Previously there were cases of ships appearing to remain in a cloaked state.
  • A phantom Tempest silhouette will no longer appear when piloting a Legion and activating any of the modules. Minmatar scientists are convinced this was happening BECAUSE OF FALCON.
  • Wormholes will always appear correctly when scanned down. Previously there were some instances where the wormhole graphic would not appear.
  • Undocking a ship when the fitting window and cargo hold are open will no longer cause a black screen to appear indefinitely and will now work properly.
  • Scordite and Veldspar icons under show info will now match the new texture colours of the asteroids.
  • An error generated when preview windows were tabbed with other windows has been resolved. This was causing the preview window to not display correctly when moved.
  • The Electronics - Tactical Targeting Network for the Loki will now display the correct graphics.
  • The Offensive - Dissonic Encoding Platform on the Proteus has been remodelled and will now display the correct graphics.
  • Shield hardening and shield boosting effects will now display correctly on the Hawk.
  • Odd graphical squares that were previously generated when anchoring ship assembly arrays has been fixed and the correct animation is now displayed.
  • The warp tunnel effect is now smoother and less pixilated.
  • The stroboscopic effect of lasers has been reduced for a smoother and less jittery effect. Don't worry, they still look awesome.

User Interface

  • Multiple fixes and changes have been implemented in the capacitor display and information on the fitting screen. These fixes and changes will ensure that cap stability messages, cap capacity and recharge time messages are all displayed correctly in all tooltips.
  • All issues relating to the client crashing when the fitting screen is open have been resolved. This includes right clicking on an active ship, opening a cargo container, opening the drone bay, switching between ships, undocking and docking with the fitting screen open, exporting or importing a ship set up, opening the ship hangar, opening the item hangar, docking to station and immediately opening the fitting screen, fitting various modules and charges and right clicking on any ship in your hangar.
  • A preview screen has been added to allow you to preview ships, drones or structures on the market.
  • The right click option has been removed from the preview icon in the market as the option was unnecessary and had no use.
  • Aggression colours in the overview will now display correctly. Players who have stopped any form of aggression will revert to flashing yellow (target locked) instead of flashing red (target attacking).
  • Seconds are now represented with an "s" in all parts of the fitting window. Previously this was represented as a mix of "s", "S", "Sec" and "Second"
  • The "Show Career Agents" button on the F12 menu is now displayed correctly.
  • Opening and closing skill groups in the skill queue will no longer have an effect on opening and closing groups in the character sheet. For example, if you had "Learning" open in the skill queue and closed that down to open "Spaceship Command" in the character sheet, the skill queue would automatically change again to "Spaceship Command" when open again. This will no longer happen and both groups will operate independently.
  • The "Show solar system in map browser" when using the right context menu will now display correctly at all times. Previously the option would fail if the map had been closed using the F11 key.
  • Adding new items to a container with a word filter will now filter them out if applicable.
  • A grammatical error in the text for the installer and patcher has been corrected.
  • Velocity will be previewed now on the fitting screen when adding modules which give a negative velocity modifier i.e. cargo expanders.
  • An error will no longer be generated in the logserver when using right click on the "Auto Frame Selection" check box.
  • An error is no longer generated in the logserver when selecting the 'Give option' from right context menu under Wallet->Corp Wallet->Shares tab-> shares.
  • Docking and undocking a ship with the drone bay open will no longer generate an error.
  • An error will no longer be generated in the logserver when selecting the "Setting" tab in the market window.
  • A "Nothing Found" message will now be displayed when searching for an invalid fitting on the fitting screen menu.
  • Using the right click option on the preview window for a selected ship will now display the correct menu options of "close" and minimize".
  • The inventory data filter for hangars is now working as intended.
  • An error will no longer be generated in the logserver when selecting the transaction tab in the wallet.
  • An error will no longer be generated in the logserver when opening the scanner window.
  • The preview option for all Tech 3 ships now works properly in the market window.
  • The inventory filter in the corporation hangar will now properly display filtered items and total amount of items.
  • The notify message displayed when attempting to access the inventory filter in a hangar without the appropriate roles is displayed correctly.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the description of the Malfunctioning Hull Section.
  • The agent mission objective window will remain open after clicking "Accept" allowing players to minimize or close the window as they see fit.
  • Tooltips will no longer move with the cursor once highlighted. For example, if you highlighted your mouse over an acceleration gate, a tooltip would appear saying "Gate to the Warzone". This tooltip will no longer follow your cursor across the screen when you move your mouse.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the "Map" tutorial, page 3 of 7.
  • Redundant inverted commas have been removed from the tutorial for "Military > Orbiting Effectively".
  • Analyzing with probes of any kind (Combat, Core or Deep Space) will no longer generate an exception error.
  • The jump range sphere will always display now whether the map is opened in 3d or flattened mode.
  • Switching profiles within the fitting screen will now work correctly when the profiles include drones for specific fittings. The correct drones will now always be fitted.
  • Damage messages will no longer list all hits as "barely scratches". The damage messages will now display the correct text when adequate damage is applied.
  • An exception error is no longer generated when using the right click option on a skill book and choosing "train now".
  • It will no longer be possible to view saved ship fittings belonging to different corporations when on the same node. The client will now only display saved corporation fittings to characters that are in that corporation only.
  • The inventory filter now uses m3 instead of M3.
  • Switching to the directional scanner window while a probe scan is in progress will no longer result in no legitimate results from being displayed.
  • An error is no longer generated in the logserver when clicking the arrow under the "Universe" section in the map browser.
  • Significant changes have been made to the reprocessing facilities in stations. Large stacks of items will now refine much more quickly and the reprocessing facilities will provide quotes for refineable items almost instantly.
  • The option to bookmark a location from the context menu of all landmarks has been removed. There should never have been a need to bookmark these locations.
  • The fitting window has now been fixed so that no overlapping will occur when expanding the right side panel of the fitting window before the window loads up.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the description of the NOH Recruitment Centre.
  • The description for Caldari Business Executive Commander- Basic certificate has been changed to show it as a basic, rather than elite, certification.
  • Local chat will now correctly remember the member list settings after jumping and this will be displayed correctly for all high security, low security and null sec systems. This has no effect on wormhole space.
  • Friendly starbase towers and structures can now be displayed in the overview without having friendly ships displayed at the same time.
  • The star map will now be much easier on the eye when checking things such as number of ships destroyed in the last 24 hours or pirate and police ships destroyed in last 24 hours. The sprites have been enhanced and there will now be much less glare.
  • The directional scanner has once again has the option to right click on a scan result and add/remove to overview and show info.
  • Station containers will no longer lock items if it has been configured so that all items should be in an unlocked state.
  • The directional scanner will now display scan results correctly when sorted by name, type or distance.
  • Switching from windowed mode to full screen when the character sheet was open would previously cause the skill names to disappear. This has now been fixed and changing from window to full screen and vice versa will have no affect on the character sheet display.
  • An error will no longer be generated in the logserver when jumping between a known space system to a wormhole space system and vice versa.
  • Pressing ctrl + A while the assembly menu is active for Tech 3 ships will no longer select all subsystems. This was a redundant and unnecessary feature.
  • The scanner will no longer get stuck when trying to scan with an offline scan probe launcher.
  • The help window now always opens in the default position which is the centre of the screen. In addition, clicking on the "reset default window position” places the help window back in the centre of the screen.
  • The correct passive shield recharge rate will now be displayed within the fitting window when hovering your mouse over shield recharger module.
  • When hovering the mouse over an expanded cargohold module on the fitting screen the correct cargohold volume will now be highlighted.
  • A stacktrace error will no longer be generated when expanding any option in the assets window.
  • Using the right click option along with ctrl or shift on multiple probes now works properly. Previously this would only allow you to take action on one probe instead of multiple probes.
  • The welcome page will no longer open unexpectedly when using the option "Reset to default windows position". Previously the welcome page would start appearing when it should not.
  • The UI pointer correctly points to the 'Stop the ship' arrow when on page 7 of 7 of ship movement tutorial.
  • The "Show Hint" option will now appear correctly for the scanner probe in the solar system map.
  • Small and large colour tags (indicating friend, fleet member, outlaw etc) are now consistently applied to space and the overview.
  • Players can now resize windows on all four sides for the overview and certificate window. You previously could only resize in some situations by hovering over the corners of each window.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the notify message displayed when attempting to reload probes into a launcher when no probes are available in the cargo hold.
  • The correct overview background colours will display correctly at all times. Previously the overview would display corporation members with blue instead of green or friendly blues as yellow or reds. This will no longer happen.
  • A line break has been added in the description of the Widow.
  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the message displayed when resigning as a CEO.
  • Several typographical errors have been corrected in the mail sent by concord when a clone is destroyed.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the message displayed while on lining or un-anchoring incapacitated structures.
  • Players will no longer be able to select Cosmic Anomalies in the overview settings, so they will not show up in the overview and players will be unable to show-info them via the overview.
  • An exception error will no longer be generated when attempting to load ammunition via drag and drop when selecting two separate ammo groups via ctrl + left click.
  • When dragging ammo from grouped weapons into a station container the ammo will no longer automatically become locked. Instead it will behave depending on the settings of the container.
  • The text displayed in the "Show Compositions" window has been changed to read "NPC standings towards a player corporation are calculated from the average of all members' individual standings. Only members that are in the player corporation for more than seven days straight count toward the standing average."
  • The EWAR module will now be displayed properly in the overview when being scrambled by Warp Disruption Field Generator I with a Focused Warp Disruption script.
  • A message stating "You are adding a locked item to this audit container. You do not have the equipment config role in your corporation and you will therefore not be able to unlock it or retrieve it." will no longer be displayed when adding items to a container in your personal hanger or your ship cargo bay.
  • The assets window now updates when either adding or removing items from station inventory.
  • Renting an office while there are impounded items in the station now delivers all the items to division 1 and they are now visible.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

  • An exception error is no longer generated when selecting the 'send group mail' option in the right context menu while corp tab is selected in the EVE mail window.
  • When a character is loaded all chat channels for corporation and alliance will load properly. Previously it would show a small grey box with no lettering and could only be resolved by rejoining the channel or rebooting. This will no longer be necessary.
  • A busy notification message will be displayed when attempting to start a private conversation with a player who is already involved in a private conversation with another player.This change relates to EVE Voice only.
  • Chat channels will no longer allow the option to paste nothing i.e. If you just log on and try to paste nothing (since you have copied noting) you will now be unable to do so. This was causing chat channels to become bugged and players were then unable to type any new text.
  • The correct message will now be displayed when attempting to create a mailing list with a name that already exists.

Localized Clients

  • The buy order window has been fixed in the Russian client and all text will be displayed properly.
  • The support page in the knowledge base has had several grammatical errors corrected in the Russian client.
  • The in-game menus for petitions will now display a category for both German and Russian petitions with the appropriate categories.
  • Message strings in the Russian client have all been translated correctly. Players should no longer see the word "you" used twice in a row in some messages.
  • The font size on the Russian client has been changed to bring it in line with the English and German variants.
  • The global criminal notification messages displayed when trying to dock or jump have been translated correctly for the German and Russian clients.

EVE API and Static Data Dump

  • The EVE API data for character kill logs and corporation kill logs have been changed to provide the last 25 queries for a character search and the last 100 queries for a corporations search. The previous counts were much too high and this will provide easier queries.


  • The correct audio sound will now be played when dragging and dropping an item.
  • We have tweaked the sound parameters on warp effect so that they cut-in and cut-out correctly.
  • Sound levels for turret fire, explosions, jumpgates and effects have had their levels adjusted and will be heard in all their glory. "What’s that? I can't hear you over these exquisite explosions."
  • The "beep" which is generated when using a scanning device has now been fixed. The sound will no longer continue to play if you dock or jump out of the system before the scan has completed.
  • The rtp file for the full client install and patches (post build 85826) will no longer be automatically deleted unless the checkbox is ticked. This change means you can patch multiple clients installed on the same machine.
  • Firing upon any station in high or low security space will always result in aggression from sentry guns.
  • The client will no longer unexpectedly crash when changing subsystems on Tech 3 ships and rotating the camera.
  • Polygupsum ore, which was incorrectly showing up in wormhole space, has been changed to Veldspar. Polygypsum Ore has no real value outside of missions.
  • Abnormalities between scan strength curve vs. scan range have now been fixed. Dropping a scanner probe to a lower scan range will no longer degrade your signal result. For example, if you are 3.9 au from a ship and drop a 8 AU probe and scan, then drop a 4 AU probe and repeat the scan, the result of the 4 AU scan will always be greater or equal to that of the 8AU scan.
  • Dragging and dropping an item or targeting a ship, structure or asteroid will no longer cause an error in the logserver when sound is disabled on the client.
  • The system menu will now display the voice level for AURA as "UI Speech Level" in order to prevent confusion between EVE Voice and Aura's speech.
  • The global criminal timer will now work correctly in all cases. There is no outrunning the law.
  • Jumping through gates will now display the proper warning if you are moving any contraband or illegal items through space.
  • Scan filters when probing for ships are now working as intended.
  • The stations in system FD-MLJ have been moved and are now 2,929,507 km away from each other and are in proximity of moon 2 and moon 4 respectively.
  • A typographical error has been corrected in the description of the Khanid bloodline description.
  • The following note has been added to all secure containers for clarity: "Note: the container must be anchored to enable password functionality. Anchoring containers is only possible in solar systems with a security status of 0.7 or lower."
  • Industry I has been added as a requirement to all appropriate Tech I blueprints in order to manufacture these items.
  • Players can now drag and drop bookmarks into the deliveries hangar.
  • A factional warfare system moving from vulnerable back to contested will now break all drone or fighter attacks on a bunker.


  • Several exploit issues have been fixed, making EVE a better world to live in for us all.