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Patch notes for Dominion 1.0.2

2009-12-08 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Patch notes for Dominion 1.0.2, released Tuesday 8 December 2009. Please note that the full listing for Dominion can be found here.



  • Sovereignty Blockade Units have been seeded on the markets. Attacking and taking enemy space is now back in fashion.


  • If an alliance had gained sovereignty level in a system just prior to the Dominion expansion the backdated sovereignty claimed date may not be correct. This has been fixed for all systems affected.
  • Active cynosural field numbers in the sovereignty dashboard have been corrected to reflect true numbers in all cases.
  • You can now preview sovereignty structures from the show info window.


  • An issue with the global criminal flag aggression timer not updating when the criminal is spotted by NPCs or sentry guns has been fixed. The timers will now properly update.


  • Capital Remote Repairers are now once again affected by remote armor repair skill cap bonuses.
  • Titan Doomsday Devices can no longer fire in low security space. They are restricted to null security only.

Character Creation and New Player Experience

  • The new exploration and advanced warfare tutorials were handing out a standings penalty if you declined the missions. They no longer do that.
  • The exploration tutorial scanning sites would sometimes show as 100% when not actually warpable. This will no longer happen.

Agents & Missions

  • Factional Warfare missions now give correct standings penalties if you decline more than one mission every four hours.
  • In rare cases it was possible that an agent would give out two missions to the exact same location to two pilots. This will no longer happen.
  • Quitting an epic story arc mission will now update the journal window as it should.
  • Taxed mission rewards will now show the tax entry in the wallet journal after the actual reward, not before.

Market & Contracts

  • The base price of the Medium Shield Bot I blueprint has been changed.

Fleet Finder

  • Fleet finder advertisements will now also take Alliance standing restrictions into account.
  • The location broadcast in the fleet window can now be used by other members of the fleet to set a destination.
  • Pilots joining a fleet will now be able to see if loot logging is enabled. It was showing as disabled no matter what.
  • The new fleet finder would not allow you to join a fleet if you had auto reject turned on. This will work now.
  • Fleet loot logging entries will now correctly sort by date after midnight has come and gone.
  • Loot logging events will from now on only be sent to fleet members in the same solar system.


  • White boxes on the fitting screen when using a specific ATI graphics cards have been removed.

User Interface

  • Updates to the Color by Standings filter on the starmap to make it more user friendly.
  • Setting destination to a destination broadcast in a fleet will set your autopilot to the correct system, not the location of the broadcaster.

EVE Voice, Mail, Browser & Chat

  • If a bookmark file was corrupted prior to the Dominion expansion it could cause the new browser to not load. The corrupt file will now be ignored.
  • When replying to a mail the focus will default to the mail body, not the recipient.
  • EVE mails sent to your corporation, your alliance or mailing lists will no longer get the inbox label assigned automatically.
  • An error is now generated if you try to create an illegal mailing list name.

CONCORD and Kill Mails

  • Killmails will now be correctly sent for sovereignty structures.


  • An issue causing the client to crash and corrupt the settings has been resolved.
  • Playing order of the jukebox on the Mac client has been corrected.


  • It was possible to warp to a fleet member while docked in station. Docking bay walls have been reinforced to remove this option.
  • When pressing several function keys at the same time it would only activate one module. It should now register all keystrokes.
  • The Jukebox playlist would fail to load if the shortcut used to launch EVE was not configured correctly. This has been fixed.
  • The reporting of ISK spammers option has been removed for trial accounts.
  • When clicking “Show Solar System in Map Browser” the map will now show you the selected solar system and not the one you are currently in.
  • Numerous additions and fixes to our GM tools.


  • Several exploits have been fixed making the world a better place for all.