Patch Notes for Revelations 1.3 | EVE Online

Patch Notes for Revelations 1.3

2007-01-30 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Fixes, Changes and Improvements

The 'Need for Speed' Initiative

As mentioned in Oveur's recent Dev Blog, changes are being made to the EVE Universe as part of the Need for Speed Initiative. These changes are being made previous to or as a part of the Revelations 1.3 patch include:

  • Jump Changes:

    • The following jumps were removed:
      • Isenairos - Muvolailen
      • Jita - Kisogo
      • Dodixie - Aunia
      • Rens - Hulm
      • Ryddinjorn - Rens
    • The following jumps have been added:
      • Komo - Muvolailen
      • Komo - Ahynada
      • Laah - Aramachi
      • Laah - Motsu
      • Ikao - Uedama
      • Venilen - Hogimo
      • Hogimo - Huttaken
      • Ryddinjorn - Meirakulf
  • The Asteroid Belts in the following systems have been mined out (removed):

    • Jita
    • Saila
    • Motsu
    • Dodixie
    • Kaunokka
    • Aunia
    • Aramachi
    • Rens
    • Oursulaert
    • Suroken
    • Juunigaishi
    • Nourvukaiken
    • Isenairos
  • The following 'school' stations are under new ownership, and will no longer sell skills:

    • Jita IV - Moon 6 - School of Applied Knowledge is now owned by Caldari Provisions
    • Gelfiven IX - Moon 4 - Republic Military School is now owned by Native Freshfood
    • Irjunen IV - State War Academy School is now owned by House of Records
    • Alenia IV - Moon 3 - University of Caille School is now owned by Quafe Company
    • Vuorrassi V - Moon 9 - School of Applied Knowledge is now owned by Caldari Provisions
    • Isanamo XIV - Moon 9 - School of Applied Knowledge is now owned by Caldari Provisions
  • The following agents previously located in the above stations have been moved:

    • Isila Asturi
    • Oppur Aulrand
    • Arnidold Etby
    • Osie Ohmahailen
    • Vaakerukka Shinjiken
    • Afretleroy Olarault
    • Raille Cornalaere
    • Vairosen Ikkola
    • Olkkuras Tarkko

Other Fixes, Changes and Improvements

  • Ships

    • It is now possible to fit a Cynosural Field, Clone Vat Bay and Cloaking Device on the same ship with those modules working properly.
    • The Navy Issue Raven's description now lists the correct bonuses for battleship sized missiles and launchers, and only those bonuses are applied.
    • The State Issue Raven and Tribal Issue Tempest have received models and descriptions (these are the ships formally known as Corvus and Storm).
    • The Corporate Hanger Arrays of ships now display the volume of items in all sections.


    • Named Gas Cloud Harvesters now have the correct skill requirements in their description.
    • Cargo expanders no longer reduce your speed while offline.
    • It is now possible to find freighters with scan probes.
    • Some modules with a "1% penalty to shield boost" have had the penalty removed. The penalty was actually a 1 x multiplier that did nothing.
    • "Spiegel" and "Contour" Thermic plating no longer list incorrect variations in the variations tab.
    • 'Crop' and 'Plow' Gas Cloud Harvester now correctly show Mining level 4 as a prerequisite for Gas Cloud Harvesting in the Skill Req. tab.
    • The Ancillary Current Router description now shows its bonus as a percentage.

    Weapons and Drones

    • The XT-2800 Heavy Assault Missile Launcher has had its statistics adjusted to bring it in line with other launchers of the same type.
    • The 'Malkuth' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher had an incorrect rate of fire and has been adjusted accordingly.
    • Domination ammunition now uses the correct graphic.
    • Fighters in space now return to their drone bay if the Carrier / Mothership pilot exits the game and there is sufficient drone bay capacity.


    • The armor repair amount bonus of Exile boosters has been improved.


    • The "Blood Hauler" NPC now uses a "Blood Arbitrator" as a model instead of a Rupture.
    • Named versions of "Large shield Transporter I" should now drop as loot.
    • The drop rate of Wiyrikomi rifles and NOH rifles has been increased.

    Agents and Missions

    • Rewards for 0.0 COSMOS missions have been improved.
    • The mission "Amarrian Excavators" has had some strange messages removed.
    • Some typographical and description errors in mission briefings have been fixed.
    • The Captain of the Battlecruiser in "Police Intrusion" (Level 1 mission) has gone on holiday and assigned the Captain of a Cruiser to take his place.
    • The mission, "Enemies Abound 1/5" has had the 5 Navy II Support Frigates replaced with weaker versions, but more ships have been added to another group in the area.
    • Serpentis forces will no longer assist Sansha fleets in certain instances of level 4 'Worlds Collide' missions.
    • Some players were having problems triggering Jamur's appearance in the 'Political Conflict, 2 of 2' mission. A hint has been added to the objectives indicating he is indeed located in the Battle tower in the last room. You must continue attacking the tower to get him to undock.
    • The briefing in the description of the first mission of 'Celestial Imperative' no longer mentions the Federation Navy, but the correct State (Caldari) Navy.

    Exploration and Deadspace

    • The chance of starting an Expedition while exploring a hidden dungeon have been greatly increased.
    • While involved in an Expedition, success rates for further advancement in that Expedition path have been greatly improved.
    • The modules and skill book required for Gas Cloud Harvesting now drop more frequently in the Exploration sites they have previously been found in.
    • Some broken Rogue Drone exploration sites have been fixed.
    • The name of the Large Collidable Structure 'Docked Ship' has been changed to 'Stationary Ship'.
    • Overseers in the 5/10 Outgrowth Drone Hive now respawn at the proper rate. Some Overseer spawns have been removed.


    • The volume of salvageable materials has been reduced from 1m^3 to 0.01m^3.
    • An icon should now appear next to wrecks you are salvaging.
    • NPCs that had no salvageable materials now have a chance to drop salvageable materials in their wrecks.
    • Icons appear in the overview for all wrecks.
    • An issue preventing wreck containers from opening has been resolved.
    • Player wrecks now leave salvage in accordance with the race of their ship.
    • Damaged Artificial Neural Networks will now drop in NPCs wrecks.
    • Some NPCs were dropping incorrect racial components, this was changed and adjusted. Pirate factions drop rates have been adjusted, and will drop more appropriate racial components.


    • Negative ME and PE levels now display on show info for blueprints.
    • Tech 2 Electronic Rig BPs were missing skill and R.A.M. requirements for manufacturing. This has been resolved.
    • Data Interface BPC and Data Interface Material drops have been increased.
    • The drop frequency of standard, improved and strong booster blueprints have been increased as well as standard and improved reactions.
    • The manufacturing time of Mobile Medium Warp Disruptor II's has been increased.
    • Labs and Factories can be sorted by "next free time".
    • It is no longer possible to use reprocessing equipment when not in a ship or pod (after a clone jump or pod kill).
    • Tech2 components required for the production of the new scanner probes (Sift, Comb, Pursuit, Quest) have been removed. Mineral requirements have also been reduced and balanced accordingly.

    Market and Contracts

    • Improved (+5) Implants now appear on the market.
    • Pure booster material now appear on the market.
    • Blood Gold Tags now appear on the market.
    • Market History graphs should now display the correct values of ISK instead of cropping the most significant digit.
    • Items listed as "Hazardous Chemicals" now have a market group.
    • If the 'Show Tutorials' option is selected, the Contract Tutorial now activates when Contracts are opened for the first time.
    • Bidding on your corp. contracts on behalf of your corp. no longer gives an error.
    • Courier contracts now show volume to 2 decimal places.
    • Contracts now display "Item x 1" if there is only 1 unit of an item placed into the contract.

    New Player Experience

    • The character creation information text is now spoken.
    • Some tutorials have been changed and updated to reflect recent changes to the game.

    User Interface

    • Train and Trash have been moved away from each other in the skill book right click menu.
    • Cyrillic fonts have been fixed.
    • The ship slots icons now update with the correct key bindings if the bindings have been changed.
    • While in space, war targets will no longer flash red in the overview stop upon the expiration of a war.
    • Removing Neutrals from the overview no longer removes other players.
    • It is now possible to search for an Alliance in People & Places.
    • Stargate highlighting in the overview now updates when changing destinations in space.
    • Mission NPC and Pirate NPC have been added to the Overview as configurable settings.

    Character Sheet

    • An issue preventing character portraits from loading on some clients has been resolved.
    • The character sheet now shows more information than before, such as: Ancestry, Career, and Specialization. etc.

    Seamless Map

    • Opening the "system view" of the seamless map while docked no longer throws an exception.
    • The System map no longer fails to load while docked and in a gang.

    EVE Mail and Chat

    • The EVE Mail notification issue has been resolved. Previously viewed EVE mails will remember their read state.
    • Starbase "low fuel" mails are now sent to people with the appropriate roles as well as directors.
    • Text no longer vanishes from chat windows after the active chat window has been separated from a stack of windows.


    • German localization is being temporarily disabled, except for the tutorials and introduction movie. German localization will be restored when the translations have been improved.
    • Issues that caused Crash to Desktop errors with the client have been resolved, including a CTD at the Character Select Screen.
    • Closing the map while cloaked after jumping into a new system no longer disables the cloaking graphic on your ship.
    • Corp standings to Factions should now update correctly.
    • Scanning spawn containers no longer returns a result. You will have to hack/break/open these containers to find what is inside.
    • Reprocessing or Trashing Audit Log containers with a log no longer fails silently.
    • The undock point of the 'Gallente 1' Station Type 'Gallente 1' has been moved to reduce collisions with the station.
    • A number of typographical errors and descriptions throughout EVE have been fixed.
    • Moved all of the humans and animals located in the normal 'commodity' groups into the 'livestock' group, to prevent the poor things from being squeezed into small cargo containers by unscrupulous players.
    • It is now possible to "warp gang.." to scan probe results.
    • The type of materials held in a storage silo can now be selected by the owner and the list of materials is now sorted alphabetically.

    The following exploits were addressed in the Revelations 1.3 Patch Deployment:

    • It is no longer possible to steal from a Starbase using a Carrier / Mothership / Titan.
    • Moon Survey Probes no longer display the results immediately if destroyed.
    • It is no longer possible to dock while in siege mode.
    • It is no longer possible to launch a probe from a Scan Probe Launcher then use a ship with a Recon Probe Launcher to scan.
    • It is no longer possible to keep modules active while cloaked.
    • Snowballs from 2005 have melted! Due to lack of maintenance the snowball launchers have got clogged up and broken.
    • It is no longer possible to assume control of a ship that is already targeted by someone.
    • You can no longer steal from Courier Containers.
    • You can no longer create a loan with only a price and collateral.
    • It is no longer possible to manipulate corp. shares with the role "accountant".
    • You can no longer attempt to activate an offline module. The module must be put online before it can be activated.