Patch Notes for Revelations 2.0.2 | EVE Online

Patch Notes for Revelations 2.0.2

2007-07-17 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Fixes, changes and improvements

  • When creating a new character, the new pilot would sometimes not be placed into a ship when space loaded. This has been resolved.
  • Players reactivating their account as part of the reactivation campaign will be offered the tutorial if they create a new character.
  • In some situations, a starbase would have its shield status reset to 50% after downtime. This has been resolved.
  • Very rarely during start-up, some starbase structures would be put into an invalid state, and would prevent other starbases in the system from loading correctly. This has been resolved.

Hotfixes- The following items were resolved during previous maintenance periods with hotfixes:

  • An issue with the display of alliance to alliance standings in chat and the overview has been resolved.
  • The market icon showing whether a character met the skill requirements for an item was incorrectly displaying no requirements met. This has been resolved.