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Ardishapur names new Ammatar Fleet leadership

2009-03-24 - Von Svarthol

Sasta - Admiral Hastar Jibril, a long-time member of House Ardishapur's fleet, has been promoted to the position of Grand Admiral of the Ammatar Fleet. Admiral Jibril is a decorated commander who has served with distinction for decades, having seen action in over thirty different campaigns against Blood Raiders, Sansha's Nation, terrorists, and other criminal elements in the Ardishapur Family's domains.

Admiral Jibril is well respected in military circles for his leadership, organizational skills, and eye for talent. Fleets under his purview have regularly been the among the most successful and active in the Empire. Admiral Jibril spoke at length about the appointment and the Ammatar Mandate. "It fills me with great pride to be placed in such a position of importance. The Mandate is a vital part of the Empire's future and the Ammatar people deserve to live safe, peaceful lives. The Fleet has a long tradition of combating the Empire's enemies and‭ ‬standing strong against the aggression of the Minmatar. I hope to continue this tradition and add to it."

In addition to the Admiral's reassignment, the segment of the Ardishapur fleet under his command has been reassigned to the Mandate. "The forces of the Ardishapur Family shall be integrated into the existing Mandate Fleet structure," the Admiral explained. "They will serve to replace those forces that were destroyed in the Elder Fleet invasion as well as those who deserted in its immediate aftermath. With the Ammatar Fleet bolstered by these new additions, I believe we can bring a new era of stability and safety to all Mandate space."