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Caldari Defence Initiative Remains Active

2010-08-20 - Von Svarthol

New Eden - More than two months after the signing of the Caldari Defence Initiative, the pact remains alive and well, as shown by recent cooperative efforts.

According to eddie valvetino, CEO of the Bi-Polar Bears and a fleet commander with the Gallente Federation, "Since the forming of the CDI, they [Amarr and Caldari Forces] have been a lot more active together... To be honest, the only time the Caldari really get a good fleet up and go for a fight, you can be sure they have backup from the Amarr."

While strength in numbers appears to be one benefit of the CDI, strengthening cooperation and organization appears to be another goal. Gunnyt31, Fleet Commander and Senior Member of Inglorious-Basterds [I.B.S.], says, "The CDI will hopefully minimize the chaos that is created by high sec war decs while forming fleets in our main systems."

In the past, corporations at war stood alone as hired mercenaries picked them out of militia fleets. To counter this, Gunnyt31 explains; "If one of the CDI Corp [has war declared upon them] then they [all CDI member corps] come in to assist that corp." Stalking Mantis, member of I.B.S. adds; "[..this allows] the [militia] corporations to focus on the actual war with the Gallente without being sidetracked by Mercs..."

"[Militia warfare] seems very unwelcoming at the beginning to newer pilots… there are loads of [fighting] never too far to be had once [the pilot] gets a solid reputation as a pilot and not a potential spy." states Stalking Mantis, voicing a major security concern. With the CDI now in place and the combined fleets being fielded, eddie valvetino states, "Our intelligences and spy networks now have to include the Amarr." When asked about the level of concern about the apparent successes of the CDI, he adds, "This is the ebb and flow of New Eden. Corps, alliances and coalitions grow, become powerful and they then collapse."

Whether the CDI will fade away with time remains to be seen, but by all accounts, the larger multi-factional fleets fielded recently have caused some disruption to the Gallente militia and forced them to adapt. What remains to be seen is how the militias will retain the pilots that cut their teeth in battle fighting for the ideals and survival of their Nations.

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Caldari Defence Initiative Signed by Militia Corporations

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