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Cold STEEL Alliance Completes Outpost Goals in Providence

2009-11-23 - Von Svarthol

P6N8-J, Providence - Cold STEEL Alliance [STEEL] have announced the completion of their two newest outposts which they hope will provide better combat and infrastructure support for them in the Providence region.

[STEEL]'s CEO, evilPHish, revealed why the two newest outposts, Magrathea and Patria Aquilla (in N-RMSH and DNR-7M, respectively) would help the region: "It is easier for allies, friends and guests alike to store things, take cover or conduct market activities."

To support the building of the outposts, [STEEL] shut down the constellation and called in a watchful guard of over 100 battle-ready ships, and more than 20 capital-class ships, including a Nyx-class mothership, to protect the massive construction sites, along with the stores of materials needed to finish the projects quickly.

An outspoken opponent of [STEEL], Karn Mithralia, commented that "Two more outposts are just a drop in the ocean among the on-going pro-Amarrian colonization efforts in Providence." The leader of Ushra'Khan continued, "It changes nothing for us, we come for our people."

Now that the P6N8-J constellation has an outpost in each system, [STEEL] has set their sights on securing the region, and making it safer for friendly and neutral targets alike. As for the immediate future of [STEEL] in Providence, evilPHish finished by stating: "We will stay, we will fight and we will prevail. Amarr victory!"

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