Community Beat for 29 March | EVE Online

Community Beat for 29 March

2024-03-29 - Von EVE Online Community Team

Hello internet spaceship enthusiasts and welcome to the latest edition of the Community Beat! Let’s see what caught our eye over the last two weeks…

Anger Games 6 “Tourneylytics”

With the 6th Anger Games kicking off in just a couple of weeks, Sho Menao has been working away on a blog detailing the tournament, meta, comps and in-depth analysis of the participating teams. Definitely check it out before diving into viewing the tournament! Speaking of which...

The first weekend of this community-run EVE tournament will be broadcast on CCP’s Twitch channel starting at 17:00 UTC on Saturday 13 April and will continue over the following two weekends. That is a TON of livestreamed explosions throughout April so be sure to tune in!

EVE Pandora revamp and special events

DeT Resprox has recently completed an overhaul of EVE Pandora - a unique third party tool which refers to itself as an "agency system". It allows players to act as mission givers, setting objectives in EVE for other players to complete for rewards.

To celebrate the launch of the new website, DeT is hosting a series of special events throughout April which capsuleers can take part in, including combat campaigns and PLEX giveaways. Find out more in this forum post.

Lorumerth's Wormhole Tips

If you're wormhole-curious but that part of space just seems too spooky or you're not sure where to begin check out this excellent guide from EVE Partner Lorumerth. This video contains a bunch of useful info, with a super cool collaboration with Chloroken, to get your wormhole adventures off to a good start!

Creative Capsuleers

One thing our community enjoys an abundance of is talented players who make amazing creations inspired by EVE Online and then share those with the community. Here are some of those creations which popped up recently!

Lau9785's line art Rifter

Check out this inredibly detailed Rifter illustration! It was made as an art commission and is yet to be colored and we can't wait to see the final result!

LatentMeridian's Caracal

Made from nearly 400 parts this 11" Lego build looks amazing! Parts list and instructions are available in the top comment of the Reddit post.

Ill-Range-4954's Orca

Another one that popped up on Reddit, this Orca is still a work in progress but if the renders are anything to go by there can't be much left to add! We hope we get to see a physically constructed version of this ship one day soon.

HateLesS memorial in Lanngisi

On a more solemn note, a year ago the EVE community lost popular content creator and streamer HateLesS in a tragic accident. In its typical style the community turned a sad anniversary into a celebration, lighting up the space around the Sisters of EVE station in Lanngisi with fireworks all night in his memory.

Player Gatherings

There are two player gatherings on the horizon we wanted to shout out:

EVE Glasgow - 13 April

Kicks off at 2pm at Coopers Bar on Great Western Road. EVE Glasgow is one of the longest-running regular EVE player gatherings and all capsuleers who can make it are invited to come along! Join their Discord for more information.

EVE New Orleans - 19 - 21 April

Always a fun informal event, this year features a Haunted Pub Crawl and a buffet lunch, plus CCP Bee will be in attendance! For more information head over to their Discord.

That's all for this edition of the Community Beat! See you again in a couple of weeks. o7