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CSM December summit – meeting minutes are out

2012-01-17 - Von CCP Xhagen

The sixth CSM and CCP had their second scheduled summit from December 7th to December 9th, 2011. A wide variety of topics was covered during the summit, as can be seen from the table of contents listed below. The full meeting minutes can be found here: //www.eveonline.com/council/transcripts/2011/CSM_CCP_Mettings_7-9_12_2011.pdf

  • Meeting with the Senior Producer of EVE Online             
  • The CSM
  • EVE veterans/loyalty program
  • The economy
  • The PLEX
  • Security
  • Crucible wrapup
  • Incursions
  • Null sec –stations, sov, resources
  • Little things –Factional Warfare, Wormholes
  • Game balance
  • Future highlevel discussions –War
  • Future highlevel discussions –Fixing broken systems
  • Web cell
  • Microtransaction Microsummit
  • New Player Experience
  • A meeting with the Art department
  • UI discussions
  • The CSM and Hilmar CEO

This is quite the wall of text to read through, and there are bound to be many comments from players regarding many of the issues. Please feel free to place your comments in the related thread, it will be monitored both by CCP and the CSM.