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Death Warrants issued for fugitive scientists

2005-11-06 - Von Svarthol

Caldari Judges earlier today awarded Pete Sance, Jay Pops and the rest of their team a warrant for the hunting down and execution of Albert Stance and Victor Stats, the scientists who are believed to have invented a brain wave control device.

The team, led by Pete Sance spared no time and raced to the Yulai laboratories where the scientists were rumoured to be but they had escaped by the time the team arrived. Evidence from the abandoned laboratory indicates that they had made significant progress in constructing the device, but were still a short way from completion.

It is believed the scientists escaped on an Interbus transport after receiving a tip off about the movements of their persuers. This explains why they were able to slip past those hunting them in the very short time they had available.

There is currently no information as to their new whereabouts.