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Hope breeds chaos, Amarr planetary population in turmoil

2005-06-09 - Von Svarthol

The monumental attacks on Amarr colonies the universe has seen today are unparalleled in living memory. All across EVE citizens, politicians and capsuleers are reacting to the news with shock, anger, horror and even in some cases jubilation. Nowhere are the feelings stronger, though, than in the hearts and minds of the citizens of the Empire, many of whom find themselves questioning who will be next.

The announcement by Omir Sarikusa, broadcast throughout the galaxy despite determined efforts to censor it in some places, has created a siege mentality amongst the billions of citizens of the empire. Images of beheaded guards have been burned into the minds of their fellow citizens and peers, a grisly omen of what may be to come if the Blood Raiders are not stopped.

If these events are causing waves of panic in the social hierarchy of the Empire, then the effects on the financial front are nothing short of catastrophic. Stockpiling of resources on thousands of planets has caused huge shortfalls of essential items, leading to riots and many millions of ISKs' worth of damage. Several leading insurance companies have temporarily suspended their services and others are desperately trying to make contingencies for disaster. The value of the ISK and local currencies are fluctuating wildly, with reports of many areas reverting to bartering goods for services.

As the Amarr council's emergency session stretches beyond 10 hours, the situation is becoming more desperate. Public hysteria is boiling to fever pitch in the absence of word from the people's leaders. Two things which have not begun to descend into anarchy, however, are the police and military establishments. If anything, they have tightened security, with punishments for misdemeanours being dealt out more readily and ruthlessly than has been seen for a generation. One thing they are failing to quell, however, are the lynch mobs. Several reports have come in today of violent crowds consisting of frightened young Amarrians rushing into slave colonies, savagely attacking the inhabitants. The slaves' bodies, in a spirit of brutal retaliation, are left out as a warning to anyone who dares think of rebelling.

And through all the chaos, many are cheering. Today's event is interpreted by many as proof the Insorum prototype works. A cure for Vitoc -- something many top scientists have been searching for for decades -- could now be a reality. This light of hope for many, however, is eclipsed by the identity of those who shone it, the Blood Raiders. To have such a valuable commodity in the hands of such ruthless people is, for some, nothing short of agonizing.