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ISS and U´K fight pirate invasion together.

2006-09-13 - Von Svarthol

Providence. Forces of the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate and Ushra´Khan have defended against heavy attacks upon the 9UY4-H system over the past week; an invasion force comprised of several pirate corporations is responsible for the attacks.

Sykosys, a pilot from U´K, reported that the invasion started weeks ago when they saw an increase in the number of Finite Horizon pilots in the Providence region. Apparently more like minded corporations and alliances joined them such as the Establishment, Coalition of Carebear Killers, Ethereal Dawn, Muffins of Mayhem, Veto, Without Reason and Atrox. Rawthorm of The Establishment relates: "Ushra'kahn snuck up its outpost and ever since has used their position as ‘freedom fighters’ to control the area. It was a long time coming but we felt only now was the time right to act."

Rawthorm went on to comment on his allies’ motivations for joining the invasion, "The Establishment has a long standing relation with many of the corporations involved. I'd go as far as to say that relations with the establishment was a common factor between many of the corps who've never worked with each other before. When they heard we'd had enough of UK trying to control space which does not belong to them, they jumped at the chance to help. I can only speculate as to their individual motives."

The reason why Providence and mainly 9UY4-H are under attack is, according to the Establishment, that they have always considered the region to be their home, a place away from the controlled space that they found elsewhere. They wish to free it from the individuals that claim it for themselves. Forces from the opposing side claim that they are under attack because the pirates have their eyes set on the outpost with the idea to use it as a strategic point into two regions and aid their capital ship construction. The Establishment already has a Nyx mothership and Sykosys from U´K thinks they may wish to add more of these to the collection.

Both the ISS and U’K responded positively when questioned about the collaboration between the two defending alliances. Butter Dog of the ISS explained that U´K is a good neighbour “who has allowed trade to flourish” while keeping unwanted pilots out of the area. Sykosys also commented that the pirates were common enemies of the two allies, with previous attacks being made against ISS Outposts in the area.

Rawthorn is more sceptical regarding the future of this joint effort: “Like many relations in this universe, they base theirs on convenience. There is no money here for ISS and unless they can carry out their threat to take the station to prevent us from doing so, then we do not see ISS committing to this in the long term.”

He went on to add, “And should they act on that threat, well I can't imagine UK would be happy with their only outpost under ISS control.” The future of the UNITY outpost remains uncertain and Verone of Veto speculated on its future, “Lets just say that many things have been considered, even including auctioning the outpost off to the highest bidder, we had a laugh about that. As for the outpost itself, there's been a lot of talk as to what people want to do with it. Our plan is simple in the end; the intervention of ISS in my eyes is a setback but I’m sure we can overcome it.”

Discussing the ISS involvement in depth Verone added, “ISS are very preoccupied with their own sovereignty and patrolling their space. We've already proven that organising indiscriminate killing raids into their sovereign system draws the bulk of their force away, and drags their command into disarray. While they would like UNITY to remain in the hands of Ushra'Khan, I believe their true objective is the protection of their own assets.”

When questioned about the invasion hindering U´K from freeing their enslaved brothers and sisters, Rawthorm commented: “Freedom is at the very heart of this war, freedom from empire and D.E.D control. Sadly in their quest for freedom, U´K see fit to curtail everyone else’s and this is not acceptable to us.” Sykosys in turn regards the members of the pirate coalition to be slaves of their own interest, “No long term vision or focus for them. I pity them in all honesty. For in their own thinking they are as slaves. Slaves to their own selfishness and greed. Which will ultimately destroy them.”

As of yet the UNITY Outpost has not changed ownership.