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Khanid Kingdom granted Privy Council seat

2009-06-07 - Von Svarthol

Amarr - In a stunning move, Empress Jamyl I has announced that the Khanid Kingdom has been granted a full seat on the Privy Council. The announcement came after days of meetings between the current members of the Privy Council in the Imperial city of Dam-Torsad.

The entire Privy Council - including a returned Yonis Ardishapur - stood along with Jamyl I and Khanid II on the steps of the Imperial palace at Dam-Torsad as the Empress made the announcement.

"Faithful of Amarr, it has been our pleasure to welcome our noble brother Khanid home to Amarr Prime. It is now our pleasure to welcome his majesty and all the people of the Khanid Kingdom back into the embrace of Holy Amarr. Our noble brother has long stood sentinel over the outer marches of God's domain and we know that the requirements of his faith have oft-times made it a painful vigil. Now his patience is rewarded, and a true and faithful son of Amarr stands once more before the people.

"Our noble brother has acted according to God's will. He engineered the capture of the greatest traitor in our Empire's history, the heretic Karsoth. He has affirmed his belief most firm in the Word of God and the holy burden of our Empire. It is God's divine command that we today confirm the status of Kingdom of the Empire on the territories our noble and majestic brother shall continue to rule in the name of Holy Amarr.

"In acknowledgment of our noble brother's service and with his glad acceptance, we today make of him a Privy Councilor and confirm that his seat in our council shall be House Khanid's in perpetuity. Let all subjects of the Holy Empire of Amarr know that this man has our trust and our faith, as he has given his trust and faith to us. Let it also be known, by the people, by our friends, and, yes, by our enemies, that today Holy Amarr stands united in our faith and our holy mission. In the name of God, we declare this and shall see it done."

While acknowledging the rightful reign of Jamyl I as Empress of Amarr, the Khanid Kingdom will remain an independent nation. It will continue to field its own navy, but will enjoy a pact of mutual protection with the Amarr Empire. Khanid II will officially hold the Privy Council seat but will be allowed to name a proxy when he is unable to attend.