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Morsus Mihi Changing Leadership and Direction

2011-07-17 - Von Svarthol

X-CFN6, Tribute - It appears that Morsus Mihi [RAWR] is currently undergoing drastic internal restructuring, with long-term alliance leader, Vuk Lau, facing calls for new leadership for the alliance's "lack of direction."

Morsus Mihi, once a cornerstone alliance of the Northern Coalition, saw its territory much reduced and the coalition effectively eradicated by a sustained assault from the so-named "Drone Region Forces" earlier this year. Previous statements from Morsus Mihi's leadership have confirmed that the alliance will be moving to the Blood Raider territories in Delve and turning to a pure combat focus in the future. A source within the alliance claimed that the industrial corporations within the alliance are “really not happy with the direction" they are taking.

Imperian, a leading FC in Morsus Mihi has said that FCs are now taking the lead role in the alliance leadership: “Vuk Lau stepped back and I am giving out the direction the alliance will go, together with a few other military personnel... I'd call it trimming the fat.”

A communiqué, allegedly leaked from Morsus Mihi's internal communications network, includes questions from alliance members asking if they can "vote for a new more active leadership?” Vuk Lau responded: “No, but yeah RAWR will be lead in upcoming months by FCs with Imperian on the helm.” The internal communiqué appearS to confirm the claims from the source within RAWR.

Vuk Lau denied any knowledge of the internal communiqué. He did, however, go on to confirm that RAWR will not be assisting Razor Alliance in any evacuation or defence operations and also that upon relocation to Delve, RAWR may consider engaging in hostile combat with Test Alliance Please Ignore.

Neterti Axexut, diplomat for Drone Region Forces [DRF], recited their opinion of RAWR based on their own intelligence: “From what we have heard, there are a number of problems within leadership now - from residual issues about the prosecution of the last war to plans for their future.

“There was the Morsus Mihi leadership of old which were top notch and very focused. Then, due to a number of reasons, that leadership and natural aging, that leadership proved much less effective and their focus changed away from the things that made them effective earlier.”

As this article went to press, Imperian had left RAWR and joined Pandemic Legion, another indication that the alliance may be suffering with internal leadership problems.

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