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New Player Training Sessions: PvP Track

2014-03-27 - Von CCP Eterne

The New Player Training Sessions have been a great success thus far. Twice weekly, up to 500 new players have joined seminars led by the EVE Community Team, who teach everything from manufacturing ammo to exploring wormholes and participating in fleets. On the heels of the second successful New Eden Open PvP tournament, we have decided to go back to where we started and hold a fresh session on “Combat in EVE”.

This track will be a mix of our original set of seminars and material, newly updated after EVE: Rubicon, based on feedback from players and expanded to dispense more knowledge. Though they are called the New Player Training Sessions, the track should prove useful both to new players as well as those looking to get involved in PvP for the first time. We might even bring up a few tricks that veterans find useful!

The seminars will be run every Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00 UTC (which is the same as in-game time). We will also rerun the Wednesday seminar on Saturday at 17:00 UTC for those who missed it the first time around.

Finally, we will cap everything off by running a developer-led frigate fleet looking for death and destruction throughout the universe. These have been massively successful so far, seeing hundreds of new players experience their first taste of combat!

The schedule is as follows:

Skills and Modules – 29 March

Fitting Your Ship – 2 April

The Overview and UI – 5 April

Crimewatch (the engagement/criminal rules in EVE) – 9 April

Combat and Fleet Basics – 12 April

Advanced Combat and Command – 19 April

PvP Fleet – 26 April

If you're interested in participating, join the channel “New Player Training Sessions” in game (a guide to joining the channel can be found here). More details about the sessions, including previous seminars, can be found here.