Over 230,000 Perish in Slave Transport Betrayal | EVE Online

Over 230,000 Perish in Slave Transport Betrayal

2005-12-09 - Von Svarthol

ASHAB | Amarr Empire

Singed bits of biomass lay stretched over several thousand kilometers of space near the Amarr gate in Ashab this morning. The lives of over two-hundred and thirty-thousand slaves were extinguished as Amarr freighter pilot Darien Dashel violently exploded under the weapons of the Electus Matari (-EM-).

Earlier the freighter, part of a rehabilitation convoy carrying recently freed slaves towards new homes and lives of freedom, veered suddenly towards the Amarr home worlds. The pilot, under the orders of the Holders, intended to deliver the immense amount of newly freed citizens back into the clutches of slavery.

The -EM- caught up to the pilot nearing the gate to Amarr, what followed was a tense battle of insults, slander, appeals for decency, and all manner of negotiation. Having halted the freighter with various tactics the exchange of hostile words went on for sometime. Reportedly the freighter was hit with several warning shots, and attempts to “soften the target” in hopes of forcing Dashel to release the slaves, or allow the large craft to be boarded and the new citizens freed. Dashel gave those present only two options, “Genocide, or Slavery”

The situation became dire as Pilot Dashel initiated his self-destruct mechanism leaving the -EM- little time to act. The warning beacon active, few of the surrounding ships moved away to avoid being caught in the blast. However the small -EM- fleet drew closer and engaged, pummeling the freighter and its cargo of frightened citizens until the craft split apart in a sorrowful splash of light. The pod of Darien Dashel was quickly dispatched without ceremony, or regret.

Speaking with a -EM- representative it became clear that the actions of the alliance were based on a hope that the destruction of the ship before the self-destruct could complete would leave some of the cargo areas intact and allow for the rescue of the captive citizens. It was also evident that continued lives of slavery were not an option the alliance would accept. The -EM- representative continued, saying “The Electus Matari are dedicated to the Minmatar Republic. This abduction and murder of its people in the name of Holders shall not be tolerated by the Electus Matari. We shall see justice met...”. A ceremony will be held in Pator the night following the attack at 00:00.

The wreckage, as feared, contained no survivors.