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Research Station Up In Flames

2009-11-18 - Von Svarthol

Ylandoki - A science facility belonging to the Lai Dai Corporation was destroyed early this morning when its local safety systems failed to control a fire. The planet-bound base was successfully evacuated without casualties or major injuries. Despite attempts by emergency response teams to extinguish the flames, the facility could not be saved.

The fire is believed to have been ignited by an electrical problem, made worse by several automated fire response systems failing to engage. General warning systems remained functional, and the staff was able to follow their emergency plan and evacuate safely.

Local firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after the first alarm and proceeded to contain the flames, but were unable to prevent the fire from spreading inside the facility. Several hundred of the facility's staff were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for first- and second-degree burns and smoke inhalation, but all of them are expected to make full recoveries.

"We will be launching an investigation into these events," says Eskki Dourhen, a member of Lai Dai's Internal Security division assigned to the facility. When asked by reporters from a local news agency, Mr. Dourhen said that Lai Dai "cannot ignore the possibility of sabotage", and that "measures must be taken to increase security and response times."