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Takamatsu and the Ministry of War lock horns over Misaba Incident

2005-03-16 - Von Svarthol

Since Monday’s interception and execution of a Takamatsu Trading Exchange pilot, heated communications have passed between the two notable groups. The Takamatsu, a notable trading group within the Caldari State has taken first blood on open stage, viciously putting down the orders of one Lord Sorn to execute one of their own.

"This behaviour is unacceptable in today’s modern environment" said senior assistant Juzo Nidashi, personal aid to the CEO Masaki Takamatsu. "We have begun our own investigation into why one of our employees was away from his designated duties at the time. Nevertheless, the hunting and execution of non-combative personnel by hired killers is inexcusable. IF the Ministry of War wish to hold themselves in the light of civilised men then this incident MUST be fully justified to a suitable standard to Takamatsu senior officials. We have brought the case to the Amarrian government, and will enact legal proceedings on the matter in due time."

"The whining of Caldari salary men are of little concern at this time" quoted Lord Sorn sternly, as he was questioned en route to regional meeting with senior commanders in Misaba. "It is plain to see in this case, either the Takamatsu purposefully tried to carry out this pathetic excuse for espionage, or they have lost control of their own men. Should the Takamatsu try a similar attempt, then we will be forced to deal with further trespassers in a similar manner.

This message is also relevant to any other party who is foolish enough to meddle in Imperial affairs."

Noticeably, security forces have been sent to Misaba in order to help compensate the apparent security breach in a secure area deep within the Zoar and Sons station. Troop transports carrying squads of additional marine forces have been spotted unloading Imperial Navy shippings, with disturbing increase in the searching of visiting civilians. It is plain to see that those in charge of the operation do not want a repetition of past events.