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Unified Inventory Changes

2012-05-23 - Von CCP Soundwave

Hello Spacefriends

We've been collecting and planning changes to the unified inventory system based on the various threads currently on the forums. The list right now is comprised of the issues we feel are most urgent after reviewing the feedback and by no means the final list of what will be fixed. It is a list of what we´re fixing right now and we can certainly add more stuff to be added when the schedule is a bit calmer.

Changes that are currently in production (being done as you're reading this)

  • Dealing with the multiple inventories of a POS is a nightmare and our first package will hopefully mitigate that. These are the changes we’re making:
  • POS structures will go into a tree view, so guns will have their own category and so on. This should make it less cluttered and users can pick exactly which module group they’re interested in.
  • We’re going to allow renaming of all POS structures, this should let players navigate more easily in the tree view, instead of a large group of identical items.
  • Structures you can interact with and can’t interact with will be clearly marked, so the tree view will tell you which ones you can open and which ones you can’t (basically what you’re in range of, similar to the overview)

Next up after that!

  • Shift-clicking works fine, but like with all shortcuts, you need to know it exists. We’re going to allow inventories to be “dragged out” of the main UI. It’s basically the same functionality as shift clicking, but instead of being hidden behind a hotkey, you can simply drag and drop it out with your mouse.
  • Your active ship will be available both through the current tree but it will also be available in the hangar tree, to avoid confusion.
  • When you use a shortcut to open a specific bay, it will open in “separated” mode, with the tree view compact so you can quickly get the view you want.
  • The main UI will always be available from the Neocom, even when you have separated windows open.

Two issues we’ll fix but have not found the exact solution to

There are two things we´d really like to change but don´t have a nailed down solution to just yet.

One is persisting windows that only work in certain places (you have a window that only works in the station and you want it to be open and in the same location the next time you dock for example).

The other is some sort of visualization of your ship in the inventory. Whether it’s a thumbnail or something else isn’t sure, but we’re working to hammer these two down and get them in as well.

Anyway, that´s it for now, you should start seeing these items slip on to TQ shortly. Thank you for your feedback!

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