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Veniel Incident Sparks Naval Budget Debate

2004-05-14 - Von Svarthol

The Caldari State Chief Executive Panel has been in renewed and heated debate over the naval budget. The Kaalakiota and Lai Dai corporations have proposed an emergency increase in the budget in the aftermath of the Veniel incident. Ishukone and Hyasyoda corporations have voiced their opposition while the remaining corporations have yet to make their stances known.

Haatakan Oiritsuu, CEO of Kaalakiota, formulated this new proposal, saying, "The unfortunate incident in New Caldari only illustrates what has been apparent for years. The overworked and underpaid pilots of the Caldari Navy could not possibly have maintained security with the resources at their disposal. If this is not rectified, other such incidents are inevitable, further tarnishing the reputation of our State."

Otro Gariushi, CEO of Ishukone, responded, "We all know the Kaalakiota Corporation is one of the primary suppliers of military equipment to the Caldari Navy. This proposal is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to secure new military contracts. Instead of taking action which will only further alienate and breed distrust among our neighbors, we should be making amends for our errors. The failure to maintain proper security in New Caldari was not due to insufficient resources, but simple human error. Hiritsa Kyri will have to shoulder the blame for his own incompetence."

Hiritsa Kyri, former security commander of the New Caldari system, has been in solitary detention ever since being relieved of all duties.