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Alliance Tournament XII - Teams revealed

2014-06-19 - Publié par CCP Gargant

Here we are at last! The Tournament Team has detailed the rules and format, teams have signed up to meet and do glorious battle in beautiful space as well as have access to a tournament practice server, there shall be pretty faces with witty voices saying clever things, and fantastic prizes for all. Alliance Tournament XII is looking good!

Let's not delay any further. After 63 alliances signed up for the tournament, we decided to allow for late signups for alliances that forgot or didn't sign up. One alliance had to drop out of the tournament, and therefore we drew two names out of a group of eight late signees. Here is the entire roster of teams that will compete for glory in Alliance Tournament XII:

  • A Nest of Vipers
  • Affirmative.
  • Agony Empire
  • Almost Awesome.
  • C0VEN
  • CAStabouts
  • Choke Point
  • Circle-Of-Two
  • Clockwork Pineapple
  • CODE.
  • Curatores Veritatis Alliance
  • Cynosural Field Theory.
  • Dead Terrorists
  • Disavowed.
  • Easily Excited
  • End of Life
  • Exodus.
  • Feign Disorder
  • Fidelas Constans
  • HUN Reloaded
  • Ineluctable.
  • LowSechnaya Sholupen
  • M.I.F
  • Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
  • Moist.
  • Monkeys with Guns.
  • Mortuus.
  • No Holes Barred
  • Noir. Mercenary Group
  • Nulli Secunda
  • Outbreak.
  • Pandemic Legion
  • Pasta Syndicate
  • Quebec United Legions
  • R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N
  • RAZOR Alliance
  • Red Alliance
  • Rote Kapelle
  • RvB - BLUE Republic + RvB - RED Federation
  • SCUM.
  • Shadow Cartel
  • Sleeper Social Club
  • Tactical Narcotics Team
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore
  • The Afterlife.
  • The Camel Empire
  • The Devil's Warrior Alliance
  • The Fourth District
  • The G0dfathers
  • The Gorgon Empire + The Gorgon Spawn
  • The Initiative. + Initiative Mercenaries
  • The Kadeshi
  • The Methodical Alliance
  • The Nameless Alliance
  • The Tuskers Co.
  • The Unthinkables
  • Triumvirate.
  • Ushra'Khan

The following teams get the late signups spots as the result of a random draw between eight teams:

  • Surely You’re Joking
  • The Fearless Empire

The two alliances comprising Red Vs. Blue are considered a single entity and therefore field one team made up of members from both Red and Blue. The same principles apply for The Initiative. and Initiative Mercenaries; and The Gorgon Empire and The Gorgon Spawn.

The first matches will be played on Saturday, August 16th. Tune in to the CCP twitch channel and enjoy some quality spaceship player vs. player combat with us!

On behalf of the Tournament Team

  • CCP Gargant