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Archaeological dig presents findings at Hedion University

2008-10-26 - Publié par Svarthol

Hedion - The team of archaeologists who found themselves in a war zone and eventually escaped from a system being occupied by the Tribal Liberation Force today presented its findings at a seminar in the main Hedion University campus.

According to the findings they believe "with certainty" that they have located the resting place of Saint Anam, a much-debated historical figure. They claim the artifacts' age, composition and style dates them to around the time of Saint Anam's death. 

Information on Saint Anam's life and work is scarce, most of it having been lost during the Moral Reforms some 1500 years ago. Only a few of his tenets survive today, but they form the groundwork for the religious ethicism of many Amarrians and are held in special regard in certain areas of Ardishapur space.

The Ardishapur Family, sponsors of the dig, has decided to keep the location of the dig secret, citing "security concerns" in its statement.