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BIG Enterprises Launches New Trust Fund

2009-08-05 - Publié par Svarthol

Deep space is home to many dangers, and while some thrive on the challenge, there are those who eventually wish to set down the banner of war, pursue other paths, and possibly even retire. To this end, a new branch of the wildly popular BIG Enterprises has been unveiled, aimed at passing on a retired capsuleer’s greatest assets to his friends so that they may flourish after his departure.

BIG Trust Fund is offering to become the keeper of a pilot's extremely valuable advanced technology blueprints and will continue to develop and manufacture the items for a profit. In return the benefactor may list a few people as their beneficiaries, who will then receive a percentage of the money made every month. However there are a few conditions, the largest being that it is not possible to recover the blueprints at a later date.

When asked why such a strict rule set was developed regarding the assets, BIG responded that security was number one, and in a universe of clones and doppelgangers BIG could never truly be sure they were handing assets off to the right person.

"I can say... that they are as safe, and handled in the same way as our own stock of valuable BPO's," assured BIG CEO TornSoul.

In regards to the viability of such an enterprise in a very untrusting universe, where thievery and espionage run rampant, TornSoul was supremely confident that BIG has built a name and reputation over the years that people will trust. While he was unable to provide specifics about how the assets were handled, he assures that the proprietors have just as much to gain as the beneficiaries, ensuring maximum effort.

"It's greatly satisfying when a BIG gamble pays off - I think most in New Eden can identify with that," stated TornSoul who also referenced the success of The BIG Deal and The BIG Lottery among other BIG ventures. "And being a trailblazer, seeing others pick up the ideas and often improve and expand on them is very satisfying as well."

Read more about the BIG Trust Fund in TornSoul’s press release and other BIG programs here, on their official website.

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