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Billions of ISK in Prizes to Celebrate EOH Anniversary

2010-11-19 - Publié par Svarthol

Luminaire, Essence - To celebrate the third anniversary of Eve Online Hold'Em Poker [EOH], Selene D'Celeste is offering the third iteration of the Eve Series of Poker, a special multistage tournament with its grand final timed to coincide with EOH's third anniversary in January.

The series is set to last over a three month period, with the final tables being held on the anniversary itself on the 08-09.01.113.

The buy-in ISK ranges from 54 million ISK for a "Satellite Table," the three winners of each of which then compete in a monthly final, to 210 million ISK for a place at the "Series Last Chance Table," the three leading players of which go directly into the final.

The pot for the final round will be half the total buy-ins from the Series Last Chance Table, with an additional 5 billion ISK pledged to the prize fund for the final round by Selene D'Celeste.

Over 50 trillion ISK has changed hands through EOH in the three years since the virtual casino opened, but the single biggest pot is thought to have been that of Eve Series of Poker II, where 18 players paid a buy-in of 1 billion ISK each. While the Eve Online Hold'Em Poker's third anniversary series has a lower final pot than Series II, the tournament structure this year opens up the competition to almost 400 players at a far lower cost per person.

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